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COVID-19 Surveys Powered by Zoho Survey

12/08/20 08:50 AM By Mark - Comment(s)


Zoho Back-To-Work Readiness Series

22/07/20 04:54 PM By Mark - Comment(s)
Zoho Back-To-Work Readiness Series

Back-To-Work Apps 

(powered by Zoho Creator) - Jul 28, 2020 

Corporate Communication 

(powered by Zoho Workplace)- Aug 06, 2020 

The Foundation Of Multi-Channel Sales and Support 

(powered by Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk)- Aug 13, 2020

Why attend?

Events are a great way to engage with ou...

Zoho Survey

20/07/20 05:08 PM By Monica - Comment(s)
Zoho Survey

Capture the voices and opinions of the people who matter most to you with an adaptable and easy to use survey tool; Zoho Survey.


Zoho Survey is an easy-to-use online survey and questionnaire-building software. The question types are easy to understand and design and there is a huge range of qu...

Smart Scheduling with Zoho Bookings

16/07/20 10:47 AM By Monica - Comment(s)
Smart Scheduling with Zoho Bookings

As we begin to rely more on the internet and things online to ride out the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are now adopting to the post-COVID culture. They are already using online services and platforms to buy food, clothes, and other items. People can now go online to pay our bills and access other ...

Introduction to Zoho CRM

06/07/20 02:38 PM By Monica - Comment(s)
Introduction to Zoho CRM

Managing every aspect of the business can be made easier with a CRM system. It should readily understand the business, unite it with the employees and customers alike, and capture the business information such that one gets a holistic view of each customer in real-time. But what is CRM?


18/06/20 10:44 AM By Monica - Comment(s)

Customer experience is a top priority nowadays. The satisfaction from pre-sales to post-sales creates a significant impact to win and retain loyalty. In today's era, customers want to have the ability to do business with your company at their convenience. One way to improve your customer service is ...

Working remotely with Zoho Cliq

09/06/20 09:51 AM By Mark - Comment(s)
Working remotely with Zoho Cliq
As more businesses become accustomed to this new normal of remote work, the tools you use must be up-to-date. Remote Work in Cliq is here to make a difference for teams working remotely.

Working remotely shouldn't take away all the little notions you enjoy in the office. From getting into work and gr...

Zoho Creator: Build, Integrate and Extend

09/06/20 09:33 AM By Mark - Comment(s)
Zoho Creator: Build, Integrate and Extend

Everyone wants a way to automate their task with custom applications. Regardless of the role you play in your organization, you can simplify your work with custom applications that automate tedious processes. Zoho Creator has something for everyone. 


Zoho Creator is a cloud-based, low-co...

The importance of CRM to business

09/06/20 09:12 AM By Mark - Comment(s)
The importance of CRM to business

Companies are investing more in CRM. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology used in managing your company's relation and interaction with existing customers and potential customers. It is the most reliable and most efficient approach in maintaining and creating relationships with cus...

Redefining your organization with Zoho Workplace

29/05/20 10:40 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

Digital technologies are changing the way work is done. One approach is to redefine work to take advantage of new opportunities to automate the workflow process.

Businesses use an application designed to increase productivity for organizations of any type and size.


Recently, Zoho launches Zoho ...

Zoho: The New Normal

29/05/20 09:14 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

With the current global economic crisis we are facing, it's time for us to accept that this pandemic and social isolation are here for a while. Everything will change and adapt to the new normal. One of them was the work-from-home setup. However, it was never easy. There are challenges we encounter ...

4 Advantages of CRM Integration

28/05/20 11:06 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

By: Monica Raagas

How Your Small Business Can Prepare for Changing Benefits Laws

03/02/20 10:55 AM By Mark - Comment(s)

In the world of government laws and regulations, the only constant is change. Trying to navigate benefits laws as a small business? We’re here to help. Here’s a breakdown of possible changes regarding paid leave, retirement, and healthcare in the United States, plus how they’ll affect your small bus...

The Future of Sales and Service for Manufacturing

29/01/20 03:28 PM By Donna - Comment(s)


The age of the connected customer is here – and their expectations are firmly rooted around experiences. In fact, 80% of UK consumers say experience is as important as products and services.


To keep your customers loyal – and to stand out against the competition – manufacturers must now...

Make Change: What Does the Future of Work Look Like?

20/01/20 03:57 PM By Mark - Comment(s)
Make Change: What Does the Future of Work Look Like?

The future of work is coming — and it will change the business world as we know it.

But what does the future of work hold? How can we prepare for it? And beyond that, how can we succeed and thrive in it?

Now, in the newest installment of Salesforce’s Make Change series, hear from 1...