5 Tips On How To Generate Leads

10/05/18 09:47 AM By Nico

Generating leads is one of the biggest keys to a successful business. It is finding the right target group to sell. A Sales Team cannot be successful without leads. And nowadays, many companies are struggling because most salespeople are now running out of leads to target.

A lead is either an individual or a company that has shown some interest in your products and services, or a company or individual that fits your target group.

But how do you generate leads? Leads are usually gathered from meetups, cold calling, and purchasing leads. But these techniques are sometimes flawed, and the volume of effective leads are very minimal.



The most significant challenge in outsourcing a lead-generation company is finding a reputable company that will deliver on its promises. Also, if you opt to hire a third party company to provide you leads, you need to have a reasonable budget allocated for this project because most good lead-gen companies are expensive. Common issues with buying leads are that sometimes the data is already old or recycled which may mean that some of these leads may already be in your CRM, or already a customer.

2. SEO

In a nutshell, SEO increases your website's search ranking through the keywords that you want to target. When potential clients search for those keywords, they will find your content on the search result and may follow the link back to your site gaining you website organic traffic. If they like what they see on your website they may sign up and become your leads and eventually converted into sales.


Landing pages can generate leads and increase your conversion rates. A landing page with a call to action can capture leads. Potential clients can access this one-page destination by clicking an online ad or a search result.


Conducting webinars are the perfect way to break the cyber barrier and connect with your potential customers while generating and educating new leads.

Webinar hosts are usually perceived as experts in their specific fields. This technique will help you establish your brand and increase your trust rating.


Blogs can attract high-quality traffic, and high quality leads that's why businesses gain more than 67% more leads through their blogs (source: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/business-blogging-in-2015). Blogs are considered as a trusted source of information, and people favor reading blog articles than talk to people. Adding a call to action link on your blog post can help you generate leads and when you post regularly, you will not only get qualified leads but also increase your web traffic. That's hitting two birds with one stone!

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