7 Principles of a Winning Customer Experience

05/11/19 05:40 PM By Tin

You’ve probably heard that, by 2020, customer experience will be a company’s primary differentiator. With the New Year around the corner, is your organization prepared for this new era? 

Do you know how to deliver an exceptional experience to set yourself apart?

At Salesforce, we’ve been conducting research on customer experience for a while. By continually assessing customers’ perceptions and expectations, we’ve come to understand what makes for a stellar experience — one that ensures customer success and drives customer loyalty. Better yet, our insights apply not only to our business but to many of the B2B companies we partner with. Now, we’re sharing the top seven principles we’ve learned!

Download our ebook to learn how these seven principles can help your organization design a best-in-class customer experience:

1.Understand how customers define “success”

2.Prioritize product fit from the beginning

3.Make finding help easy

4.Invest in a successful start

5.Provide ongoing, tailored guidance

6.Show how similar customers succeed

7.Drive continuity across interactions

So, are you prepared to compete on customer experience in 2020, and beyond? By understanding and addressing these seven critical customer expectations, you will be well on your way!
Source: Salesforce

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