4 Advantages of CRM Integration

28/05/20 11:06 AM By Mark

By: Monica Raagas

Businesses are continuously seaching for ways to increase productivity, reduce costs, and maximize revenue. One way to optimize your business is to use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

CRM is a tool that manages your company's relationship and interaction with existing customers and management of leads. It helps to streamline processes and increase profitability. 

Many firms are not aware of CRM integrations or its benefits. Here are four advantages of CRM integration:


                                                                               Single application

CRM allows you to access accurate, centralized customer information instantly from one platform. This can be accomplished by adopting the new CRM application and entering data directly and retiring legacy system. Alternatively, disparate legacy systems can be integrated into the CRM to allow for real time data management.


                                                                           Increased productivity

Time management is vital to reduce stress in the workplace, thus make you a more efficient worker and able to meet the deadline with ease. By integrating your CRM, you achieve tremendous productivity gains and speed with one central platforms vs gathering data manually from various systems.


                                                                                                                                                                  Data Accuracy

Multiple records make it challenging to identify accurate customer information. CRM integrations puts you in the best position to maintain a healthy database and communicate effectively and with certainty throughout the customer journey. 


                                                  Stronger Customer Relationship, Greater Revenue

Successful CRM integration gives important and timely data to your employees and allows them to work with greater speed and efficiency, thereby allowing them more time with customers to build stronger relationships and ultimately drive more revenue.

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