Building a team, creating a bond with DEVTAC

19/03/19 02:56 PM By Tin

DEVTAC CRM Inc. had its first company team building for the first quarter of 2019.

Held at Sabang Daguitan Surf Camp, #TeamDEVTAC kicked off the activities by forming two separate teams, #TeamA, and #TeamBangan. Team A contenders include Walter, Chris, Mar Jhun, JP, Leonyl, Gypsy, Christine, Mariel, Donna, Monet, and Mark while Team Bangan had David, Jillian, Nico, Kristine, Jonathan, Mike, Allen, Alexon, Joie, Rainier, RJ, and Klang. 

Team buildings are usually conducted to strengthen the bond of a group, an organization or a company. With DEVTAC employees steadily growing in numbers, it was high time they booked a weekend off in order to test the waters and see how their team will do.

The goal of this first team building was simple, and that is to establish camaraderie and encourage everyone to bring out the best leader in themselves. According to the facilitator Ate Nelia Faller, any team could do it, and all of them took on the challenge. Both teams went neck and neck, with each team member pushing themselves to grab as many points as they can, resulting in almost a tie.  In the end, Team Bangan won the crown, with a total of 10,000 points, just 100 points ahead of Team A. But of course, after everything that has happened, everyone is still a real winner. With the bond and connection the entire company created, it is definitely enough to prepare them within the next couple of months, and maybe even years.

This team building is just proof that DEVTAC is always ready and prepared for a challenge; they will take every task to greater heights, and as a result, they find themselves having a good time.

This definitely won't be the last so stay tuned for more stories and more of #TeamDEVTAC!

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