Celebrating Chinese New Year at DEVTAC

12/02/19 10:41 AM By Christine

For most Chinese people, the Spring Festival marks the beginning of the New Year and according to the Chinese horoscope, the Year of the Pig starts on the 5th of February 2019. Traditionally, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with fireworks and Dragon dance but for most Chinese-Filipino, and local businesses such as DEVTAC CRM. Inc Business Solutions (DEVTAC), having Tikoy (Nian Gao) and the Dragon dance is enough to welcome the festivities and start another year of business on a fruitful note.


The employees of DEVTAC also joined in on the celebration, as the Dragon dance, initiated by the Tacloban Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce Fire Brigade, started making rounds. Everyone enjoyed the performance, as they watched and laughed along with the whole group.

Of course, the traditional dance won’t be complete without the final act of the performers, where they grab a red envelope or the ang pao given by the company. It is said that the red color of the envelope symbolizes good luck, and is a symbol to ward off evil spirits. It is also considered to be a token of good fortune for the upcoming year.

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