DEVTAC Celebrates a Glamorous Christmas

18/12/18 03:30 PM By Nico

DEVTAC CRM Inc., one of the leading solutions provider in the Philippines celebrates their annual Christmas party on December 15, 2018, at Ritz Tower De Leyte.

Following the theme of a grand ball, the employees of DEVTAC all dressed and suited up for this one magical night of celebration filled with smiles, dancing, laughter, and family.

The program was kicked off by the two hosts, Senior Developer Emel Agarao and Christine Fusio from the Marketing Team, followed by a short prayer from Senior Project Manager Jesame Bantula. The Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Walter Rostan Garcia Jr. also gave his welcoming remarks.

“Tonight, it’s all about you guys,” Garcia, who spoke on behalf of David Arthur Gill, said.

Mr. Gill, his co-founder and DEVTAC’s Director of Marketing Alliances, couldn’t make it to the party due to unforeseen events.

Another Milestone


DEVTAC has always had a humble way of celebrating special moments with their company. Established in 2009, Christmases back then were usually celebrated wherever their budget deemed fit - be it at an affordable resort, or even just at their headquarters.

But after gaining foot around their business and creating a name of their own, DEVTAC started to give back to their employees’ hard work and decided to celebrate Christmas in style; with an Asian-themed party in 2016, Greek Gods and Goddesses theme in 2017, and now with a glamorous Grand Ball theme for 2018.

Management Team

Sales and Marketing Team

Development Team

The holidays have always been a season of celebration; of love, family, friends, the spirit of joy, giving, after another year of growth, strength, and success, and DEVTAC want to give their employees just that.

After a series of performances by the new employees from the different departments, numbers drawn for the raffle prizes such as the microwave oven, a blender, television, mini blender, and an electric fan were announced.

Gift certificates and individual awards were also given to the employees who exceeded expectations and delivered more than what they had to do.

Mariel Otagan who received the Rookie of the Year Award, Niño Geronimo for the QA Specialist of the Year Award, Joseph Nicolasora as the Programmer of the Year, Analisa Galang for the Customer Service of the Year Award, and Emel Agarao as the Employee of the Year.

Prizes were also granted to the different teams of the Dota Tournament among DEVTAC employees. With Team B garnering 3rd prize, Team A for the 2nd price and Team C as this year’s champions.


As the holiday spirit continues to linger, everyone wants to take this opportunity to gather and enjoy the remaining days of the year. To make every moment such as this party, as a way to celebrate all the ups and downs that they faced, and to prepare their team, and themselves for the next year.


Celebrating almost a decade of growth and success, DEVTAC wishes nothing but the best, and for beautiful years to come - not only for their company but also for their employees and clients.

Happy holidays from all of us at DEVTAC! Cheers!



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