Devtac is the ONLY Premium Partner of Zoho in the Philippines

12/01/22 11:25 AM By Shayne

Devtac is the premium partner of Zoho that can assist you with any questions you have about any of the Zoho products. We provide consulting and customization of Zoho applications and full integration to your existing systems.


Established in 2010, Devtac specializes in implementing Customer Relationship Management systems and adjacent products such as web applications, mobile applications or websites. Please see our Bio for more information. Please click Corporate Bio

Please click below on the particular Zoho application you are most interested in. Zoho One will give you access to all 50+ applications to

successfully run your business.


             Zoho                              Zoho One                           Zoho CRM   


Zoho CRM Plus              Zoho People Plus                  Zoho Social

   Zoho Recruit                Zoho Finance Plus             Zoho Workplace   


   Zoho Books                     Zoho Creator                       Zoho Desk


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