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04/12/18 03:01 PM By Nico wants to be transparent about its impact so we created The Social Impact Report, which is an annual showcase of the outcomes and trends we’re seeing in each of these areas.

At, we believe that everyone who wants to change the world should have the technology to do so. As a social enterprise, the more missions our technology supports, the more we can invest back into the community and create an endless circle of good.

To that end,’s Power of Us program gives nonprofits and educational institutions access to Salesforce products and resources and resources to help fulfill their missions. To date, we empower over 37,000 nonprofits and educational institutions with the world’s best technology, so they can unify their efforts and accelerate their impact.

The Social Good Sector Needs Outcomes!

In order to continue doing the work we do, we understand that it’s necessary to accurately report on our social impact and focus our attention on outcomes. In other words, how the lives of those we intend to serve change because of the work we do. That means we must move beyond the numbers (e.g., 3.2M volunteer hours, $230M in grants) to understand and measure the impact of our work in the community.

Working with our internal and external stakeholders, we’ve identified preliminary outcomes across our portfolios:

  1. Technology for Social Change
  1. Investments in Future Ready Leaders
  1. Community Engagement wants to be transparent about its impact so we created The Social Impact Report, which is an annual showcase of the outcomes and trends we’re seeing in each of these areas. Here’s a snapshot of what we have learned so far:

Customer Effectiveness is Improving

To improve the capacity of the social sector to do good, we focus on providing access to the best technology in the world and supporting effective use of that technology. Our customers can use Salesforce to power their entire missions. Overall, we aim to help organizations to more efficiently utilize their resources, more effectively execute on their goals, and to nurture deeper connections with peer organizations and the communities they serve.  In fact, 89% of our customers are becoming more effective at achieving their missions because of this approach. We’re also seeing our customers connecting to peer organizations through the Power of Us Hub, our customer community. In addition, the majority of our customers agree that delivers innovations to meet their needs.

Youth are Achieving

We want youth all over the world to be school ready, tech-ready and workforce ready. We believe this supports an inclusive and diverse workforce that is better set up to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Through our work with both the San Francisco Unified and Oakland Unified School Districts, we’re seeing more students enroll in computer science courses. For example, we’ve seen Algebra I repeat rates in San Francisco drop by 50%.  Through our workforce development work, we’ve seen 79% of youth complete internship programs and either get placed into training-related jobs or enrolled in college.

Salesforce Employees Volunteer (and are happier because of it)

In addition to our work in the community, we also partner with to empower employees to become citizen philanthropists. We know that 83% of Salesforce employees did some volunteering in 2017. This is a very high statistic given that roughly 27% of employed people in the United States engaged in any volunteering in 2015, the latest year for which data were collected. Also, a whopping 92% of employees who engaged in pro bono volunteering reported being happier at work!

How to Find Out More

If you would like more information on how is achieving social impact, please download The Social Impact Report 2018. In it, you will find more information on’s outcomes and results.

Source: Salesforce

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