How to use Sugar Serve to provide excellent customer service

18/07/22 04:50 PM By Ana

Customer behavior is becoming increasingly complicated. As a result, businesses must learn how to meet their customers' expectations. Customers nowadays expect flawless experiences when interacting with brands. The answer to all these expectations is easy-to-use and effective customer service software. Customer service is a critical component of the customer experience (CX), and businesses should invest in software that is solely focused on providing exceptional service. Sugar Serve platforms provide assistance and assistance to businesses and customer service professionals in meeting their CX goals.


Keep a Close Eye on Performance  

Sugar Serve's Service Console includes the tools you need to quickly assess your workload and understand customer inquiries. The Service Console will assist you in providing your customer service representatives with a clear picture of your customers' concerns and issues. The Cases Tab provides a quick overview of your current cases, and the appropriate dashlet keeps you up to date on your Active Tasks. You'll find information on late, current, and upcoming tasks here, allowing you to quickly clean up your schedule and priority list. The Overview tab of the Console provides quick access to nine pre-built reports to monitor your Support team's and your own performance at a glance, including Open Cases by User By Status.

Connect with Your Customers

    • SugarLive combines the power of Sugar Serve with omnichannel communications to help you build stronger relationships with your customers. SugarLive, built on Amazon Connect's extensive communication capabilities, enables your support team to respond to service inquiries quickly, regardless of your customers' preferred communication methods.
    • SugarLive's Live Chat Self-Service allows you to integrate AI-powered chatbots into your website interface, create interactive voice responses to some of your customers' most frequently asked questions, and more. The Global Call Center Integration, for example, enables you to build a global customer support network by providing direct access to global telephony networks from your Sugar Serve account.

Give Customers Independence  

    • Customers prefer a mix of direct interactions with support and proactive problem-solving. Sugar Serve's Self-Service Portal enables you to create a comprehensive Knowledge Base and assist your customers in finding answers to frequently asked questions. Customers will learn on their own through support materials, rather than directly from your support staff. Customers who use the Self-Service Portal can also open support case inquiries for further assistance. Finally, by increasing their independence, the Self-Service Portal will help reduce costs and create a more personal relationship with your customer base.

Global Support Capabilities  

    • You must have a clear picture of your global support capabilities in order to assist your customers around the clock. You can create schedules for support centres in different time zones using Sugar Serve's Business Centers module. Furthermore, the module will assist you in calculating your enterprise's SLAs based on the business hours of each centre. The module will calculate this indicator based on each business center's configured business hours and holidays, as well as the number of support cases assigned to each business centre, to improve SLA estimation. For obvious reasons, the module will disregard holidays when calculating your SLAs and will take into account the total number of support inquiries assigned to each centre.


Quickly Manage your Sales Reps  

    • To improve your customer service capabilities, you must always be aware of your available staff. You must also be available to your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Sugar Serve has two shift management modules: Shift and Shift Exceptions. These assist customer support managers in better planning and adapting to changing staffing needs, as well as routing support inquiries to available staff via the Round-Robin Assignment Workflow, one of Sugar Serve's out-of-the-box SugarBPM process definitions. The two modules allow you to assign or unassign staff to shifts as your staffing needs change, as well as create exceptions to shifts when your team members take time off.
    • Given that you may manage a global team that operates in different time zones, the module allows you to select the desired Time Zone for your teams. Customers value experiences above all else, and a solid foundation leads to a more effective approach to customer service. Creating exceptional customer experiences can be a reality for any business with the right tools and features.