Improve Customer Service with CRM

27/11/18 09:50 AM By Nico

In the age where technology is taking over, it is no secret that digital transformation is continuously disturbing the current interaction between owners and their customers. Having backlogs and getting left behind, especially in this industry is never fun, plus it poses an imminent threat to the entire foundation of your business. As business owners and leaders, waiting for a miracle while entrusting work among your employees is not the best option. You need to brainstorm to find a way to make your business stand out and keep your customers coming back - a task that may sound easy, but is complicated. However, one advantage of this disruption, caused by the sudden shift in the digital world, is having the chance to rethink and review your process, shaping your business around models that matter.


Brainstorm and connect the dots by gathering data


To find out which ideas to connect, you need first to consider checking your company’s data. By using the most relevant and updated ones, you can get a clear and comprehensive view of who your customers are - what they are doing, what they’re interested in, and what their ultimate goal is when they first reached out. These will help everyone in your company, from salespeople to the reps, deliver a clear and consistent experience with every customer interaction you have, and will have.


The best way to integrate all of this, and to be able to oversee every single information processed, is to find the foundational tool best fit for superior customer experience, and that is your Customer Relationship Management or CRM System.


Utilize your CRM System


To fully utilize the potential of a CRM, you must make sure that the system you will integrate is people-friendly.


The one thing that has gotten in the way of previous businesses maximizing the potential of a CRM system is because some of them can’t use it, while some, won’t. That is, of course, how they act based on personal experience since traditional CRM systems have always been so complicated and were never user-friendly.


Luckily, for the businesses nowadays, CRM has come a long way; adapting with modern technology with solutions that are easy to use, and are also highly functional. With the system guiding and automating their users, the CRM now turns every employee into a customer expert by putting the correct information right at their fingertips at the right time, and even before they ask for it.


CRM is all about the customer experience


Advertising and setting your brand apart from other businesses is quite challenging these days. With more options to choose from, the need for quick and immediate services, shorter attention span and more negotiating power, customers nowadays expect more; they want the best quality products, affordable prices, the best service and overall the best buying experience they can have which means more work and smart strategies for businesses in order to win their customers over.


The key here is to strictly focus and pour every effort in to highlight the customer’s experience well.


So how can a business win when customers expect top-notch service and seamless transaction when the next competitor is a click away? The answer is simple: amp up your business and start by using a CRM system.


Trust the process


At some point in your business, you win deals by providing a consistent customer experience that is better than your competitors, and you continue to build this experience by gaining a deep understanding of every customers’ needs as they research, evaluate until they purchase and use your product and services.


This is where the game shifts, and possibly changes your system. Because forward-thinking business leaders - also known as Game Changers make customer journey their main priority in any transaction, they continuously shift organizational culture so that they can adopt a model that is customer-centric. They work to break down different patterns and models in every department and encourage new thinking that is centered on the needs of customers and CRM has emerged to enable this platform, making it easier for game changers to work their way through the business ladder, and achieve this customer-first transformation.


CRM is more than what it used to be


The CRM system has changed a lot since its first launch. With the modern version capturing more relevant and updated insights of customers, and efficient data sharing among employees, it can guarantee and deliver empowered and positive customer experience. In this way, it also boosts employee productivity and confidence when it comes to interacting with customers.


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