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04/12/18 03:48 PM By Nico

Nowadays, with the user influx of software integrations, business operations are already moving fast paced on a smooth sailing sea, and when you combine it with a software solution such as the CRM system, your business is sure to tackle tasks efficiently and effectively.

For some companies, working at a certain number of hours per day is not enough to finish tasks and make sure that you end the week on a productive note. With various tools and applications used for business operations, it can often become time-consuming - especially for some of the senior co-workers who are not as techie as the current generation of employees.


 One great example of an all-in-one software solution, with various integrations, is a web-based online office suite such as Zoho

Zoho One


Zoho is a unique and powerful suite of software that will help you run your entire business. From word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, to projects and customer relationship management, you name it, and Zoho probably has it - if they don’t, then they will most likely list your suggestions and forward it to their dev team.


This year, Zoho presented an all new and updated state of the art operating system that is definitely fit for any business, whether small-scale or large corporations. Let’s take a look back at some of the few integrations and software updates they released over the last few months of 2018:


1. Zoho CRM Plus

The Zoho CRM Plus is the most powerful, unified customer experience platform on the market, built to transform and empower how you cater to your customers at every step of the process.


This unified CX platform connects your sales, marketing, and customer support operations even more deeply, allowing information to flow from one department to another across the entire customer lifecycle. To accomplish this, we’ve created a single platform for all of your customer-facing teams: the interface, admin panel, setup process, search bar, and user provisioning have all been unified across departments to give marketers, sales reps, and support personnel a holistic view of every customer.


Click this blog for more information


2. Notebook’s Integration with Zapier

Integrating apps makes life easier. However, building integration can be a tricky, technical ordeal. That’s where Zapier comes in. Connect your Notebook account to Zapier with a few simple clicks and you’ll immediately be able to integrate Notebook with over 1,000 apps by zapping them together. Read more to know what you can do.


3. Zoho Meeting Integration

Developing effective sales pitches and closing deals require clear communication with your leads, contacts, and team. However, switching between your CRM and third-party apps to make phone calls and conduct meetings can get tiresome. The new Zoho Meeting integration lets you conduct online meetings with leads and contacts directly from your CRM account. This means that you can schedule meetings, invite participants, set reminders, start meetings, and share recordings from Zoho CRM.


Learn more about the online meeting features here.


4. Zoho Expense Integration with Uber

At Zoho Expense, we are constantly looking for ways to alleviate the burden of reporting your expenses. We’ve found out that a majority of our users have a hard time reporting their cab ride expenses, primarily because they happen so often and result in huge piles of expenses to record. See how you can use Zoho expense on your next Uber Trip here.


5. Zoho Sheets Integration with Zapier

Imagine a workflow that allows you to connect each of these applications to one another, while helping you maintain a copy of data entered or collected in a Zoho Sheet spreadsheet. How good would it be to have an action in Zoho Sheet trigger a response in your contact list or your lead details? Or the other way around? This is the kind of efficient automated workflow our integration with Zapier can help you create.


Simply follow this link to find out more about this integration,and how you can start using it for your next task.


6. Co-trainer in Zoho ShowTime

Online training has established a foothold in the world of learning as an effective alternative to the on-premise model. L&D teams and other corporate trainers are now scouting for software tools that guarantee a comprehensive learning experience to their remote workforce.


With the tectonic shift in the way people learn, using a virtual classroom software that offers just the basic engagement features is like trying to give a presentation with an overhead projector. Your online training technology should ideally offer comparable or superior quality to in-person instruction. That’s why Zoho ShowTime is introducing the Co-trainer feature. Co-trainers can fill many roles and help you ensure that learner enthusiasm remains high throughout the session.


To find out more about this feature, click here.

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