Increase Project Resource Utilization Awareness

15/01/19 01:11 PM By Nico

A common challenge with managing projects in SuiteCRM is trying to figure out if people have too much or not enough work assigned to them. Well Timeo just came out with a solution that makes this easy to see with their new Capacity Manager add-on. By adding a new Plan Board view you can now easily see the availability of employees along with an overview of all planned or unplanned work.

Highlevel Overview

Having trouble keeping an overview of how much work everybody has been assigned? This add-on keeps track of the exact amount of workable hours / days of your employees in any given period and provides a high level overview of people and there workload. This means clarity for management, the sales department and above all; your teams.

Helicopter View

From a high level, see the workload of every employee along with all planned and unplanned project tasks.

Configurable Options

Change the utilization rate of each employee as needed, included/exclude projects, statuses, and more.

Vacation Time

Track vacation time and even illness time in order to better manage your projects.

Source: SuiteCRM

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