Increase your productivity with new ways to automate tasks and access apps in Zoho projects

18/07/22 03:58 PM By Ana

An essential part of project management is switching between tasks and keeping updated with ongoing project activities. Zoho Projects makes switching the tabs and updating statuses a breeze by allowing one to easily switch between tabs without switching windows or going to the calendar. It also offers an intuitive interface that enables users to stay on top of their work schedules. The program's calendar dashboard displays a comprehensive list of all scheduled events, including project deadlines and tasks. As users register items into their calendars, new reminders are automatically placed on each future event. The tool also offers basic resource management for organizing contacts and files among different projects within a company.


Choose from the gallery of custom functions

    • Functions are among the features Zoho Projects users will find most useful. The custom functions feature in Zoho Projects allows users to create their own task functions and therefore tailor project requests to specific tasks, action or responses that they already perform in their day-to-day meetings. And now we have added a few ready-to-use, pre-defined functions that will come in handy when you want to automatically create work items or perform actions like send a status update or messages.

Work status should be synchronised across Sprints and Projects.

    • If you’re working on projects that use Sprints to manage an organization’s software development efforts, you’ll love this Zoho tip. While it’s customary in many organizations to rely on a scrum master to update task and issue statuses, the concept of automatically updating the Sprint status whenever a task or issue status changes is not commonly used. However, the following illustrates how this feature can be installed in your team dashboard to help you quickly align your processes across project management tools.


Add Webhook to Blueprint transition  

    • Webhooks are a technology that allows us to push data from our systems to a web service when something occurs. Webhooks allow us to integrate with custom technologies like Slack, Hipchat, or other integration points that we might want to build in the future. One of these integrations will be the ability to send data from our system to the Blueprint Platform when certain criteria are met. Automation is one of the best ways to increase efficiency. A task that takes a long time, which needs repeating on a regular basis, can be automated so that a slight variation in the process results in the same end result. For example, it could be a time consuming and repetitive task like creating reports for the realization of new business opportunities.


Use Zoho Projects to access web applications.

    • You can use Zoho Projects to access web applications. The platform provides seamless collaboration, file sharing and communication between team members. When it comes to project management, it is essential to stay focused and on top of things. One way to ensure you stay squarely at the task is to remember to block out your tasks for the day. Allowing yourself time for breaks will not only help you overcome your work by getting creative, but also helps you keep an eye on what applications are being used in order to limit the number of apps open at once.

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