Introducing Hotkeys and other compose enhancements

10/09/19 01:47 PM By Tin

Email is still a preferred mode of business communication despite being among the oldest forms of online communication. When sending emails is an integral part of your work life, we aim to make it magical. Zoho Mail is back with exciting new enhancements to its composer that makes emailing a dream.


Make your own shortcuts

You read that right. Now you can create your own text shortcuts (Hotkeys) and use them while drafting an email. Create custom hotkeys to expand and replace easy abbreviations of your choice with full words and phrases as you type.

So if you enter a ‘/’ followed by your hotkey while typing in the composer, it will be automatically expanded to the actual word you meant. Just like that.

To use Hotkeys, go to Settings > Hotkeys and Start creating!

Note: When you enter the ‘/’ (slash) in the composer, all your hotkeys will be listed. You can either select from the list or continue to type the hotkey you want to add and press enter.

Editor mode

Email on your terms

Be it rich text or plain text, you get to choose your default editor mode from the compose settings. The Zoho Mail composer is set to rich text mode by default, to offer you more editing and formatting options. If you prefer to send plain text emails instead, you have the option to do that too.

Formatting shortcuts

Edit in style

In a hurry or keyboard savvy, we’ve got you covered with keyboard shortcuts to do the format editing in your emails quick and easy. So you can change line height, font size, fonts, and alignments, as well as indents and add hyperlinks, all without having to take your fingers off the keyboard.

We hope you like using these features as much as we do. While we are coming up with more updates to make your email experience even better, please feel free to comment and tell us which is your favorite feature in Zoho Mail.

Source: Zoho

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