Introducing Zoho Cliqs new integration with Zoho Desk

27/08/19 05:12 PM By Tin

If context-aware customer engagement is the cornerstone of helpdesk software, then bot-driven automation tools for improved team collaboration are the way forward. And we’re ready with Zoho Cliq’s completely new integration with our helpdesk solution, Zoho Desk.

Zoho Cliq’s integration with Zoho Desk was born of a growing need to bring support team communications and work processes together on a single page. Now you can view, monitor, and assign support tickets directly from your chat window. Cross communication has never been easier.

How will this integration benefit me?

The Zoho Desk integration is a bundle that includes Deskbot, #desk channel, and slash commands, features we’ll discuss below. All of these bring information directly to your chat window so you can collaborate in real time and fetch data from Desk without switching tabs.

What are its capabilities?

Monitor, track, and assign customer tickets based on relevance and immediacy. Bring context to your chats by pulling up relevant support tickets within Cliq.


Once you subscribe to Deskbot, you’ll be notified of ticket status updates, deadlines, and comments. You can also view a daily digest of all ticket statuses.

Slash Commands

The Zoho Desk/Cliq integration includes handy slash commands that help you fetch information from your Desk account directly to your Cliq chats.

1. Type /ticket and click Enter in any chat to get a list of your three most recent tickets. Click on the ticket ID to access it within Zoho Desk.

2. Type /ticket [ticketID] to find ticket information based on ticket number.

3. Use /ticket [email] to list the three most recent tickets raised by a customer.

#desk channel

You can join the Desk channel, a platform dedicated to all support-related updates and notifications. This capability includes channel notifications, such as “Ticket Pending Resolution” at 9am or “Ticket Resolution Summary for the Day” at 6pm daily.

Receive daily digests of ticket resolutions, which include the number of tickets closed in a day, names of the top performers, and a Happiness Rating.

 You can assign urgent or pending tickets to relevant support agents simply by mentioning them in chat.

 How will this help my support team?

 Labor efficiency aside, Cliq’s integration with Desk improves bot-human dialogue. For businesses, this offers a scalable model wherein bots oversee routine, functional processes like notifications and updates, freeing up the humans to handle more complex functions. For your workplace communications, it presents a simplified, streamlined flow of steady information, where everyone is clued in on the things that matter.

 To learn how this integration will improve your support team ops, tune into this webinar. If the timing doesn’t suit you, schedule a one-on-one demo at a date and time of your convenience.

Source: Zoho

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