Is Social Media Making the World Bigger or Smaller?

16/10/18 09:57 AM By Nico

Social media is scaling the world's instant communication, increasing connectivity and enabling businesses to move quicker than before. Through social media, we can meet people from all corners of the earth, exchange ideas, learn about other cultures, see products, and do business wherever you are, all through an internet connected device. Technology drives globalization and expansion, and social media has connected the world to a certain degree that we are not aware was even possible, at the same time converted the entire world into a global online town.


Larger Audience

Everyone can go social online as long as you have an internet-ready device. Social media let you connect and interact with people anywhere in the world without spending a single dime to open an account.


General Interest

Social media platforms allow you to share and discuss ideas, ask relevant questions, and learn from like-minded netizens. Through this, you can build a community of people who share your interest that can help in creating better relationships, business or personal, in the future.


In The Know With Current Events

Gone are the days when you only rely on TV and radio to know what's happening in the world. Social media like Facebook and Twitter keeps you up-to-date with what's up in business, the latest technology, or even traffic situations, all with real-time notifications.


Instant Communication

Technology has bridged geographical distances making it possible for you to stay connected with family, associates, and clients, wherever they are. With social media, you can instantly send messages and respond to your messages making it easier to interact with clients and the public in general.



Social media has played an important role in monitoring people's reaction to different incidents, happenings, brands, and businesses around the global online arena. Strategies and business plans have been framed using comments and reactions, which helps you quickly identify the prospects and customers likes, dislikes, and preferences.


Technology has expanded the globe that we live in because it now allows us to engage and conduct business with people regardless of their geographical locations. But one way or another, social media is making the world smaller as people now spend more time nourishing virtual relationships, imprisoned in the tiny monitors of their devices, taking face-to-face interactions for granted.


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