Keep your Productive Juices flowing during the Holidays!

11/12/18 03:47 PM By Christine

The holidays are here, and as much as you would want to get a lot of work done, some of your colleagues and employees would rather spend time at home with their families - especially in the midst of the Holiday Spirit. Stores will get busier, and business will run as usual. You want to keep your team focused, and of course, be able to finish the year strong, while planning for the next set of opportunities in 2019; that means double the workload. To keep your team running, and boost your business productivity, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Immediately respond and send important marketing emails; make calls


A lot of customers tend to overlook their emails, especially during the peak of the holiday season. While emails may not seem as important, sales productivity platforms suggest that sending emails during the season may not entirely benefit your team, not unless you regularly update your customers and simultaneously follow up through calls. Continuously sending campaigns that would grab their attention can also be a big help.

With Zoho Campaigns, not only can you send marketing campaigns at ease, but you can also pay more attention to your existing customers, showing them that you care are about their engagement with your product. The software solution lets small to mid-sized businesses to automate their entire marketing process starting from handling email campaigns to overseeing mailing lists. This allows users to access information and utilize a tool that engages with your clients anytime, anywhere.


2. Plan and write down your project priorities and expectations ahead


When most of your employees are distracted during the holiday season, there is a tendency for miscommunication. And since the time at the office is limited, immediately plan your projects and provide clear expectations with feasible deadlines before everyone goes on a break. This will give your team more time to coordinate themselves for their personal and professional schedules. 

Set up Zoho Projects to help you make your business projects more productive and finish them within the deadline. It makes project monitoring easy, improves team collaboration and enhances productivity and output. Some of the benefits also include data sharing at the company level, Gantt Charts to strengthen project management, and easy documentation and logging of bugs.

3. Prospect creatively during your free time


Prospecting for clients will become relatively slower, especially when most people will be off from their phones. Maximize your free time and get creative.

Utilize the web with Zoho CRM to help boost your business by tracking sales, automating daily tasks, and engaging customers in multiple platforms. While you’re at it, you can also search through the internet to compare different trends and check other companies that may need your products.

4. Minimize online distractions to maximize business time


As the holiday spirit is running, people will tend to get preoccupied looking at Christmas deals and sales especially when family activities draw near, and their shopping list remains unchecked. For businesses that allot more time on the social media platform in promoting their products and services, it is best that you use a smart management tool like Zoho Social, where employers and employees can accomplish more work-oriented tasks, minimizing distractions from the online network. 

It also helps the business grow their presence on social media by reaching their audience at the right time, tracking revenue from marketing efforts made on the online platform, and allowing users to multitask. Managing multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn, in a single dashboard, also will enable businesses to publish relevant content when their audience is most likely to see it.

It may seem like you’re carrying a bag of potatoes while getting through a few weeks of work during the holidays when all you can imagine is spending time buying gifts for your loved ones, or staying at home. While boosting productivity within your team is excellent, remember to take a moment to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family so make sure to plan your business with these nifty tools and keep your productivity flowing!


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