Maximize Your Business’ Potential with a Cloud-Based Utility Billing Software

13/11/18 12:21 PM By Tin
Maximize Your Business’ Potential with a Cloud-Based Utility Billing Software

As a business, the utility industry is already facing countless challenges, especially when it comes to dealing with software solutions. From having complicated rate structures and detailed reports for in-house and administrative entities, utility service providers also need technology to help them meet the demands of their consumers with payments, billing, customer information, the company’s automated management, including internal work orders and field inspections.


But luckily, for them, there is a growing trend that gives businesses as well as business leaders, a lightweight option and a full-packaged software solution: a cloud-based utility billing software.


The cloud, in itself, revolutionized the technology landscape by providing enterprises the flexibility to deliver technology solutions to their users. Having a cloud option gives them the ability to overcome the challenges brought upon by the constant change and demands of technology, so businesses and organizations can now easily comply and keep up with the excessive needs of consumers, without wasting any time. Additionally, it also provides other benefits such as enhanced security, and better overall performance due to a large scale the cloud provider operates in.


By integrating a cloud-based software to a business’ utility billing system, they could efficiently maximize their potential, while satisfying their customers and reaping the benefits such as:


Reducing Business Costs

Compared to on-site hosted solutions, cloud-based utility billing offers a much smaller investment cost, and lower price means an improved line for the purchasing organization and fewer risks in implementing a new program.


The subscription cost of on-site solutions have increased over time, often adding charges for system updates, upgrades, customer support and other factors to be considered, but with the cloud software, these services are bundled into one price. No hard investments are needed, and the need to build and operate a data center is no longer necessary. At BlueBilling, with the extensive experience in strategic utility software systems design and development of their staff, the company can deliver the right solution to its customers, with bundled rates for small customers to demand based and unbundled tariffs for large ones.


Saving Time

A cloud system can simultaneously synchronize real-time data across different devices and locations. This means that the implementation of tasks are done rapidly and efficiently, allowing you to save time and preventing unnecessary field visits, extra fees, among others.


With BlueBilling, small, medium and large enterprise customers are offered a single system for billing within embedded networks. They also provide another feature, a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, with hands-on involvement in the establishment, supply, and operations, giving businesses detailed and traceable administration of customers.


Enhancing Security

Since the cloud system is slowly being integrated into different methods of multiple businesses, the number of servers also increased, spreading across continents ensuring that the data provided by Utilities will not be lost. In the event of an unforeseen disaster, companies on a cloud-based system are assured that their data is secure and can still be accessed.


BlueBilling understands that the management of embedded networks extends beyond the billing of customers, so it also encompasses infrastructure management, “leakage” detection and a multitude of other elements.

Catering to Design and Solution Updates

BlueBilling is a system designed specifically for managing embedded networks. Additionally, BlueBilling offers flexibility, with its company, Blue Oak, banking on their ability to create, build and support software solutions, and by understanding every particular element comprised in a variety of networks, clients can be assured immediate response and adaptation to market and legislative demands.


With BlueBilling’s latest web-based technology, delivering on-premise or cloud-based location, your business will be able to reach its maximum potential. Click hereto learn more about BlueBilling Solutions. And if you or your organization is interested, contact us to schedule an appointment.


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