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27/08/19 06:07 PM By Tin

Listening to our community has taken us on the path of continuous and integrated customer experiences through Salesforce Customer 360, which will be generally available later this year. Along that journey, we’ve learned how to provide solutions for the challenges of today’s world and stress the importance of building strong foundations along the way.

How can you get a 360-degree view of your customer?

We wrote about refining your data strategy in a previous post, which is an important step you shouldn’t overlook. Think about your integrations and what systems need to be connected, such as commerce, marketing, and service. A canonical data model streamlines integrations around a common contact ID which will be the centerpiece for integrations, data mapping, profile sync and resolution in cases where there are discrepancies.

“Clean data and a well thought out strategy are a solid foundation to build your path to integrated and continuous customer experiences.”


Taking a use case approach

After many conversations and deep dives with our customers, we have identified the most common use cases within the customer journey. These use cases are the key moments that matter in the customer journey and where an integrated and continuous experience can provide the highest impact. The six key use cases we’ve identified are:

1.Abandoned shopping cart

2.Coupon redemption 

3.Order on behalf of

4.Personalized recommendations 

5.Transactional emails

6.View order history

Solution Kits are your guides to continuous experiences

Given the importance and bottom-line impact of these six most common use cases, Salesforce has developed a set of special guides called Solution Kits that layout best practices, considerations, and materials needed to start building continuous experiences. These are designed to arm our customers with everything needed to deliver high-impact, personalized shopping experiences that improve customer conversations, engagement, and loyalty. Each solution kit along with its description can be found below.

•Abandoned Cart Solution Kit will help you connect with shoppers who add items to their carts in Commerce Cloud, but don’t finish their orders.

•Coupon Redemption Solution Kit offers targeted customer journeys and increases positive purchasing decisions.

•Order on Behalf Solution Kit helps place orders on behalf of shoppers who need assistance because they can’t access the Internet or find the products they want to purchase.

•Personalized Marketing Recommendations Solution Kit keeps shoppers interested in your products using email recommendations based on merchandise your customers already purchased from you.

•Transactional Email Solution Kit informs customers on the status of their orders through email while reducing call volume to your service centers.

•View Order History and Cancel Orders Solution Kit enhances customer service and give your agents control to cancel orders.

Let these solution kits be your guide today to achieving a continuous and integrated customer experience.

Want more juicy nuggets from the Salesforce Customer 360 team? Check out these awesome resources and stay tuned for more here! helpful recorded sessions, download a solution kit, or join the Customer 360 mailing list to stay abreast of product and solution updates.

Source: Salesforce

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