Salesforce Named a Leader in First-Ever Forrester New Wave for SaaS Marketplaces

11/12/18 03:31 PM By Nico

We are thrilled to share that Salesforce has been named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: SaaS Marketplaces, Q4 2018 report. In its evaluation of AppExchange, Forrester found Salesforce “still leads the SaaS marketplace world.”

AppExchange is the Salesforce Store, helping customers extend Salesforce with over 5,000 solutions from thousands of partners. I’ve been at Salesforce over 13 years, and my role of overseeing AppExchange marketing and programs is truly rewarding. Our team constantly strives to create new ways to work together with sales, customers, and partners — all in an effort to connect Salesforce teams, partner solutions, and customers together. To me, that’s the fuel behind a leading marketplace.

This news is particularly exciting as this is the first-ever Forrester New Wave™ on SaaS marketplaces, evaluating emerging capabilities. Technology is a constantly changing, evolving landscape — with as many new trends and ideas emerging as there are leaving at any given moment. Recognizing that SaaS marketplaces are on the rise and that they are the future of software and services buying, Forrester says, “Today’s customers need quick access to research, try, and buy software solutions in the context of their broader organizational needs.”

The report evaluated eight vendors, and Forrester gave Salesforce the highest possible score of “differentiated” in eight of the 10 criteria, including buyer interface, availability of applications, and intelligence and automation. “Salesforce was the first major SaaS marketplace and remains a powerful choice in terms of scale, breadth, and innovation.”

The journey to leading the industry

AppExchange has been a 13-year journey of innovation, growth, reinvention, and, of course, love. Millions in the Ohana of customers and partners have both impacted the AppExchange, and have been impacted by it.

Over the years, AppExchange has become a major driver of the Salesforce ecosystem. Eighty-nine percent of Fortune 100 companies are using AppExchange apps. There are more than 5,000 solutions available on AppExchange today with over 6 million installs and 80,000 peer reviews.

Customers at the forefront

As EVP and GM of Platform, Anne DelSanto says, “It’s not just about the technology — it’s about so much more.”


And that really does sum it up. AppExchange is so much more than a marketplace. So much more than technology. Our goal is to provide more choice to our customers. It's always about customer success, and when customers ask for more apps, more components, and more solutions overall, across every department in every industry, we have to deliver. AppExchange is success for customers, partners, and Trailblazers.

AppExchange is for every Salesforce customer — no matter the size of your company, your department, or the industry you’re trailblazing. Learn more by visiting AppExchange. And to learn more about why Salesforce was named a Leader in Forrester's New Wave™ for SaaS Marketplaces, download the full report here.

Source: Salesforce

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