Scrum and Chatbot: an Elite Duo 

10/09/19 05:52 PM By Tin

How would you feel if you had to organize the same meeting every two days to check a project’s progress? Now imagine you are heading up several separate projects—wouldn’t you want help managing your teams? And what better way than to use Scrum that’s trusted by teams all over the world. If you have thought of scrum framework, but not sure of how to manage the process, then luckily, we have the perfect solution: Scrum Bot, a lightweight virtual Scrum master at your service!

 Scrum is a tried and true agile framework used by teams across the world to increase project quality and customer satisfaction. In fact, a research study conducted by Scrum Alliance reveals “85% of respondents say Scrum continues to improve their quality of work life.“

 If you’re familiar with Scrum, then you must know the intricacies of how Scrum works. Deploying Scrum and adapting the framework across your team involves a sizable amount of effort and dedication from your part, not to mention the need of a Scrum master.

To help fill this need, we created Scrum Bot, a lightweight adaptation of the Scrum framework to assist with organizing, scheduling, and tracking sprint goals. Before diving into how Scrum Bot can work for you, let’s take a look at how integrating Scrum methodology into your team’s process can amp up productivity and morale.

Scrum’s proven power

Scrum framework breaks large projects into smaller pieces which can be completed in a short time frame. By using Scrum, your team can see:

Better project quality: Scrum prioritizes continual feedback and exposure by incorporating daily stand-up meetings to track progress step by step. 

Increased collaboration: Scrum teams collaborate and take ownership of project quality. Conducting frequent meetings helps the team know where they stand and what has to be done. Holding daily ten-minute stand-up meetings keeps members organized around completed work, future work, and potential roadblocks.

Rapid adaptation: Teams using Scrum methodology have more opportunities to control project performance and make corrections as needed. Setting priorities at each sprint interval rather than at major milestones gives your team ample time to accommodate and implement changes.

Accelerated delivery: Save time by using sprint retrospect and continual improvement during each stage of Scrum to handle issues and roadblocks early on. Additionally, integrating stakeholder feedback during the sprint helps make the project market-ready within the set goal time.
Source: Zoho

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