Take Good Care of Personal Data by Anonymizing It

03/07/19 10:08 AM By Tin
With GDPR and the potential penalties that come from being out of compliance, it is more important than ever to take good care of the personal data in your CRM. Data Anonymizer helps by scrambling the personal identifying data while maintain record integrity within the system. Absolutely a must for on all of your test instances that contain copies of your live CRM data.

Highlevel Overview

Is data privacy your priority? Get a data-breach proof CRM system! Data Anonymizer is a tool designed to quickly encode data on your CRM instance, while preserving their diversity and relations between records. It allows you to quickly prepare a realistic instance for tests and demonstrations without the risk of leaking someone’s personal information.

Scramble Your Data
Ensure that no one unauthorized is able to see access to your customers’ data while maintaining the original data structure

Keep Info Private
Working on selected modules, Data Anonymizer will scramble specific, sensitive fields and even the audit tables.

To learn more about this solution go to Data Anonymizer or search for "anonymizer".

Source: SuiteCRM

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