The Recruit Report 2019

07/01/20 04:14 PM By Donna

Before 2019 draws to a close and we’re all back at the drawing boards to plan for 2020, we thought we’d share some of the updates, celebrations, and progress that we experienced together throughout this amazing year.

2019 couldn’t have ended better for us.

Right when we thought it was time to wrap up our annual reports, G2 Crowd hit us with another big one.

Zoho Recruit was named as the best ATS across the globe in the “Winter Leaders 2020” list with a User Satisfaction Score of 94.

We couldn’t have achieved all of this without you, our customers. 🙂

At Zoho, we value your voice, and we strive to put your satisfaction first. Reviews are nice, but it’s more amazing to hear directly from you about how Zoho Recruit has changed your business for the better. You make us immensely proud of what we do, and we promise to keep doing our best to make your recruitment process more efficient long into the future.

2019, also marked our 10th year on the market and a million hires made with Zoho Recruit. We started out in 2009 by building a solution that helps recruiters and HR departments streamline hiring. In the last decade, we’ve become part of a dynamic industry that demands technological advancements to be competitive with changing market trends.

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