Working remotely with Zoho Cliq

09/06/20 09:51 AM By Mark
As more businesses become accustomed to this new normal of remote work, the tools you use must be up-to-date. Remote Work in Cliq is here to make a difference for teams working remotely.

Working remotely shouldn't take away all the little notions you enjoy in the office. From getting into work and greeting your co-workers, to being able to quickly check if someone is available for a discussion and taking a quick coffee break together, Cliq's Remote Work makes sure you don't miss out on the little things. 

Zoho Cliq

Is a chat application that helps you stay connected with teams at your workplace. It lets you connect and collaborate so that you can keep your team in the loop about your business activities. You can directly check-in and check out to work from cliq. You can easily let your team know your availability by updating your status on Cliq. The Remote Work view comes with four statuses for you to choose when you're available for collaboration, engaged with work, having lunch, or taking a short break. 


For example, say you're working on something important. Change your status to "Engaged with work," so your co-workers know your schedule and don't expect your immediate attention to anything that's not an emergency.


Cliq will also update your status based on your current activity across different Zoho Apps, making collaboration even more accessible. Whether you're in a remote session in Zoho Assist or hosting a meeting in Zoho Meeting, Cliq syncs with these apps to auto-update your status. 


With Cliq, you can hop into an instant group call. You can do video conferences or make audio calls without having to leave the chat room window or using separate tools. You can also bring a guest to cliq. 

Guest access in cliq allows you to invite an external user or a group of external users to be a part of a group conversation. Guest users will be able to send messages, share files, and get on group calls with an invite without having to sign up. Guest users will not be a part of your Cliq organization and will be able to access only the chat they're invited to be a part of. It is important to have avenues that allow you to collaborate with external users with ease while also keeping security in mind. 


As we adopt new ways of working, whether you're a remote-first team or embracing remote for the first time ever, we know working from home works differently for different people. Zoho Cliq is a team chat software built to connect you with your team, allows you to work better even when you're apart.

If you want to know more about Zoho Cliq and want to try it out, go ahead and click contact us. 

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