Zoho Campaigns: 10 Years of Success

14/09/22 01:48 PM By Shayne

Celebrating 10 years of Zoho Campaigns

Hundreds and thousands of emails within a decade. Zoho expresses gratitude for being able to provide a platform for business email marketing campaigns. The trust instilled in Zoho and in us, the partners, remains to be momentous because at Zoho Campaigns, we strive for what email marketing stands for: building long-lasting relationships with customers. This has always been at the heart of our service. 

Why was Zoho Campaigns created?

Back in 2012, Digital marketing was evolving. Customers have moved away from trusting salespeople who were previously seen as information experts. Almost everyone was now checking reviews online or scouring the internet for information regarding the product. The internet was transforming the marketing world. It has liberalized the way businesses and companies market and advertise their products. However, lots of opportunities surrounding this aspect were still waiting to be unveiled.

Praveen Kumar, currently part of the products management team of Zoho Campaign, shared that Zoho identified email as a core channel which businesses use for engaging with the customers. With that in mind, the team analyzed how this can be served to customers and fuel the vision of helping businesses with an email marketing tool. Wanting to maximize this tremendous opportunity, Zoho Campaigns was created. 

Why is Email marketing better than Social Media Marketing?

At the time Zoho was in the process of releasing an email marketing tool, social media was also on the rise. And so, the question why Zoho opted to create an email marketing tool rather than producing a tool for social media marketing lingers. 

With social media being present in almost everywhere, it seems like gaining followers and fans online would give your brand the reach and influence it desires for. So if we view it this way, then social media must really be a valuable tool a business must acquire and invest in. But actual statistics show that more consumers use email than any social media platform and that over half of people check their email before they check their social channels in the morning. In addition, daily active users of email are between 4 to 4.5 billion across the globe while Facebook and Instagram have around 2 million. With this information you could argue that, while social media seems like the most important asset a company has, email is actually the preference of consumers. 

In an interview, Praval Singh, the VP of Marketing & Customer Experience at Zoho, stated that even if Social Media is rampant nowadays, these platforms actually come and go. Some remain relevant, some phase out.

It is also important to note that consumers today crave deeper connections with the brands they buy from. Even in this digital-inspired age, where everything seems to be done behind the veil of high definition screens, people want to create more meaningful relationships – which is where email comes into it.

When you publish something on social media, you still have to wait for followers to scroll far enough down their feed to see it. And, with all the algorithms coming into play recently that prioritize content from friends and family, brands often find their posts disappearing in a few hours.

Email, on the other hand, gets delivered directly to someone’s inbox.

It’s a much more personal way to communicate with your customers because you’re basically talking one-on-one to them in a private place. More so, it gives direct access to the company. Allowing them to convey important updates and offers to the group of people they are targeting to reach. It is because of this sentiment that Zoho decided to pursue creating an email marketing tool.

Why Use Zoho Campaigns?

As Zoho campaigns reach its 10th year, we have gathered reviews from all over the internet and narrowed it down into three main advantages of using Zoho Campaigns. 

1.  Zoho Campaigns Saves Time

    From gathering your email contact list up until sending your campaigns, Zoho has features that would definitely allow you to save time. You can just sync your contacts from your Zoho CRM. You can use a ready-made template or create your own and use it for various campaigns. Lastly, you can schedule when you want your email to be sent and it will just run it automatically.  

2. Easy to use and has a wide array of features
    Simplicity, ease of use, all basic functionalities covered. Good sync between other Zoho Apps. Mail delivery is quick. Just like any other Zoho App, you can learn your way around it in a matter of time. Basically, a user-friendly email marketing tool for everyone. 

3. Integrates with other Applications Easily
    Zapier lets you connect Zoho Campaigns with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required. In a larger picture, you can connect Zoho Campaigns to about 5000 plus apps

The success of the service also depends on having strong customer support. As a partner of Zoho, we extend our gratitude to all of you, our dear customers, for always showing enthusiasm in learning our product.

Zoho Campaigns is now about to enter another decade of service. We are all excited as to what else is in store for us. Updates are still waiting to be unveiled. But until then, stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first one to know about the upcoming great improvements.