AI Enabled CRM Software

08/06/22 11:51 AM By Ana

Discover insights that are unique to your company, even if your CRM data is limited or incomplete. SugarPredict analyses factors that your data does not cover and makes predictions that allow businesses to make better decisions and focus on the most important sales activities. The Sugar Predict AI engine drives business predictability and performance by continuously analysing your customer data and comparing it to a store of secure data sources, resulting in AI-driven predictions tailored to your company. Insights are clearly presented, providing your sales, marketing, and customer service teams with the best next steps. 

Work Efficiently
Make better decisions and capitalise on opportunities by making accurate predictions.

Predictability Powered by AI
Get dependable next-step guidance that increases deal velocity and productivity.

View More Than Your CRM
With AI-enabled CRM, you can gain greater visibility and deeper insights by leveraging external data like never before.

Accelerate is concerned with time-saving.
Predictions powered by AI Understanding the current state of your business and the health of your pipeline is critical, but what if you could see the future and predict what your business could be? That dream has now become a reality. Sugar Predict, the Sugar AI engine, provides exceptional business-critical predictions even with limited or incomplete CRM data. Sugar Predict surfaces insights unique to your business into Sugar Market and Sugar Sell, accelerating business growth by analyzing factors your data does not cover. Businesses can make confident decisions and focus on high-priority activities such as marketing, sales, and customer service thanks to these unparalleled predictions.

The greatest value of the SugarPredict AI engine is its proven immediate time-to-value, which successfully drives sales after activation and implementation. SugarPredict provides a distinct advantage over modelling based solely on CRM data—data that is frequently inaccurate or incomplete—by applying deep learning models to CRM data, Market lead activity, and large amounts of data derived from external sources. SugarPredict algorithms outperform rule-based approaches in identifying signals by more than 80%. Only SugarPredict analyses both customer data in Sell and Market, as well as externally sourced data covering millions of companies and contacts, to accurately predict which leads and opportunities are most likely to convert successfully.

Furthermore, SugarPredict's design ensures that no personally identifiable information is exposed to users, ensuring your customers' privacy and security. SugarPredict AI-based predictions, which use automated machine learning (AutoML) across the Sugar product line, provide the following existing and future features:
  • Identifying customers who are most likely to churn, allowing for valuable runway to remediate and strategically engage with customers
  • Predicting lead interest and conversion likelihood using lead scoring models
  • Prescriptive forecasting and insight-driven forecasting for higher quota attainment and sale close monitoring
  • Recommending add-on products at the appropriate stage of the customer journey to increase average deal size
  • Determining marketing attribution and contribution to business closure
  • Improving customer engagement models through predictive case routing and real-time contextual data to empower customer service representatives

SugarPredict's Key Features - Identify patterns and trends that only a tireless AI engine can achieve, and display them directly within the Sugar products you use every day.

Increase Sales Productivity
  • Know which leads to prioritize based on AI analysis, giving you a competitive advantage and making sales teams more productive.

More of the Right Deals Closed
  • To improve win rates, deal sizes, and retention, score opportunities based on their similarity to your ideal customer profile.

Unlock Sales Pipeline Forecasts
  • Feel confident about forecasting and future opportunities because every salesperson has contextual history and insights for pipeline analysis and forecasting.

AI Competitive Advantage Evaluations
  • Sugar Service Consultants assist customers in preparing for AI and demonstrating how to best use the in-product SugarPredict value-models.