Bad Social Media Habits That You Should Stop Now!

18/09/18 01:22 PM By Nico

Social media has remained to progress in popularity as a top marketing tool for businesses and maintained to grow. In fact, according to an infographic by Social Fresh, social media budgets will double over the next five years. With so many resources invested in this marketing medium, you are presumably expecting to get leads or sales from all of the work you have been putting into your social media campaigns.  But just because you're on social media doesn't mean that you're doing it right. Some things that you do on social media could hurt your brand more than it helps, and many companies are making mistakes that are taking its toll on their success rate.


To avoid making the same mistakes, here are some things that you need to stop doing on social media:


1. Sharing Fake News

When you are sharing something online, you want to make sure that you're sharing accurate information because sharing hoax information will kill your credibility. So don't share anything on social media without verifying them first.

2. Buying likes and followers

Well, it's true that many people judge an Instagram account by the number of its followers, but the quality versus quantity sentiment still matters. You have to make sure that your followers actually like or are interested in your product or services. Another thing is, Google is alerted to sudden inflations and once they find out that you're purchasing fake likes and followers, your search engine ranking will be affected, and you can get penalized.


3. Inconsistent posting

The lack of consistency in posting updates on your social media accounts will leave you missing out on getting the attention of a vast audience. Ideally, it is vital to post more than once a day, and around the same time so your audience would know when to expect them.


4. Too Sales-Pitchy Posts

Majority of your followers most likely already know what your company sells and over emphasizing products advertisements on your posts can be annoying. Content that has less to no value to your readers could lead to them ignoring you or worst, unfollow you.


5. Spamming with Automated Messages

Automated direct messages is now a thing, especially with Twitter, but sending the same automated messages to everyone has become overused. Your potential clients would love to connect with you on a personal basis. But if you do need to send automated messages, you might want to include links to some helpful and related articles.


6. Lack of Personality

Avoid posting visually dull links or texts and keep your audience engaged by posting images, videos, and contents that can get people talking to you and be interested in whatever that you have to say. Fun and creative infographics have proved to be successful in getting the viewer's attention.


7. Publishing the Same Message across All Platforms

There are a lot of social media managing apps that help you publish the same message to all of your social media networks, all at the same time, or on a specific schedule. These apps are fantastic, but you may want to space out your messages across your social media platforms because many of your followers follow you on more than one platform and you wouldn't want them seeing the exact same post at the same time on all your channels. They may decide to unfollow you on other platforms thinking that they only need to follow you on one since you always post the same message on all your channels anyway.


8. Handling Negative Feedback the Wrong Way

Nowadays when consumers are more empowered than ever, getting negative feedback is somewhat inevitable. Like the famous saying, you can't please everybody, a customer or two may express their frustration or disappointment with what your product did or failed to do, but how you handled the situation can make a lot of difference. Respond and resolve, if possible, and let your other customers see how much you care about making it better for the unhappy customer.


While the number of your followers may add value to your page, you have to remember that engagement rates, click thru rates, and the number of shares that you get will increase your brand's online presence. Follow these tips and maximize your marketing efforts.

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