Best Practice For Lead Generation: Listen While You Lead

10/05/18 10:54 AM By Nico

Lead Generation has become a new extensive form of performance art. Careful execution is necessary to get a person's contact information and an even more thorough process of converting them into prospects and getting their first closed-won sale.

Before the era of the internet, sales and marketing teams had a different process then. They get to decide who their leads are going to be, and when the sales cycle is ready to start, which is substantially affected by the fact that they have limited access to the information they need. But we can now wave goodbye to the old lead generation strategies because that is a thing of the past now.

Thanks to the rampant growth of the internet, connectivity has become a single click. Modern buyers are now in control; they can now infiltrate the campaigns they want to read, the websites they want to visit, to start and stop their buying cycles based on their convenience. And as lead generation team, we have to adjust to this fluid shift. This changed lead generation processes dramatically as it allows marketing teams to rack up hundreds and thousands of leads in a day. People's virtual presence made it easier to access their personal information as well as initiating interaction with them. With the use of technology, you can get a prospect from any point on the world map.

However, with this almost effortless lead gen process, it's easier to just get information without bothering to filter them, sometimes not respecting the sensitivity of the data. 100,000 leads generated is not a noteworthy accomplishment if you are not building trust and confidence with every single person you mine.

Every individual that you convert into a lead has a different need and preference. Meaning, not every lead is eager to buy the products and services you are offering. Your prospect's "online body language" will signal when they're ready to engage or purchase. And this signal can be determined through lead scoring, which is a methodology used to rank prospects based on how they respond to your marketing efforts. It is important to pay attention to the customer readiness indicators before you take the first step or send them their first campaign.

"Listening" to your leads do not limit to the audio aspect, but more on their overall behavior. Because if you interact with them before they're willing to engage, you will not get the same result you want from them. It is important that you make them feel valued, and only then they will trust you enough to buy from you, and who knows, they might just become your loyalists.

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