Cloud Functions feature Only in Zoho Creator

16/03/22 03:20 PM By Shayne

They are serverless functions that are only supported by Creator’s infrastructure, hence the name Cloud Functions. Cloud Functions in Zoho Creator support two languages: Java and Node.js. 

Ashwin Vishal R from the Zoho Creator Team made an announcement introducing the Cloud Function feature only in Zoho Creator.

This feature is available in the Workflows module’s Functions section. Once configured and written, these functions can be called from any of your Deluge workflows. Data types and return types have been mapped between Deluge and Java, as well as appropriate error handling.


How to Implement New Functions

1.  Navigate to the Workflows section and then to the Functions section.

2.  Select the New function option.

3.  Enter the function’s name.

4.  Choose a language from the drop-down menu.

5.  Click Create, then type the necessary code into the script editor.


Under the Select the language option on the Create function page, two new languages will be available:

Code builder for NodeJs function

Code builder for Java function


Zoho provided comprehensive help documents for the cloud functions. Please carefully read the following help pages before experimenting with it.

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