Compromise-Free On-Premises Sales Force Automation

08/06/22 11:04 AM By Ana

Sugar Enterprise is the leading on-premises sales force automation solution. Sugar Enterprise delivers the power and ease-of-use that Sugar is known for, but in an on-premises package that allows for greater customizability and control. Sales organizations understand the importance of world-class CRM. Unfortunately, companies that need on-premises software to comply with security and privacy regulations have had few options. Too often, these organizations are forced to accept a subpar CRM solution that provides insufficient functionality or is too rigid to be tailored to their specific needs. When you compromise on your CRM, you accept more effort, less automation, and fewer sales. The compromise is over with Enterprise. Enterprise includes comprehensive sales force automation capabilities such as contact, account, lead, opportunity, forecasting, support cases, quotes, contracts, communications, mobile, and reporting. Enterprise is designed for on-premises deployment, giving you complete control over your technology stack and unprecedented levels of customization. Companies now have complete control over security, privacy, and extensibility with Enterprise, without sacrificing their CRM requirements.

Enterprise delivers the power and ease-of-use that Sugar is known for in an on-premises sales force automation tool with increased customizability and control. We'll help you: Retain full control over your technology stack with unprecedented levels of customizability. Improve conversion rates, revenues, customer satisfaction, and retention by increasing understanding of customer needs. Stay in compliance with complete control over security, privacy, and extensibility. Improve sales processes and performance by removing blind spots, busy work, and roadblocks. Take Advantage of the Best of Both Worlds With Enterprise, you have full access to all APIs, with no restrictions or hidden licensing fees. Enterprise includes best practice CRM processes as well as an open canvas for developing custom CRM applications tailored to your specific business processes and needs. Business Processes Should Be Simplified and Automated By automating and standardizing your business processes, you can respond to customer needs more quickly. With SugarBPMTM, you can review and approve quotes, route leads based on company size or customer location, populate emails, and save yourself and your sales team dozens of clicks. 

Allow the platform to enter the data. Increase the productivity of your team by using automated insights from business and social sources. With real-time alerts, you can seamlessly analyze those insights and receive relevant updates on strategic accounts. Gain Flexibility and Eliminate Hassles When you choose Sugar Enterprise, you will never be locked into inflexible, proprietary technology that requires specialized consultants to make changes. Do everything without having to do everything yourself. Utilize comprehensive sales force automation capabilities such as contact management, account management, lead management, opportunity management, forecasting, support cases, quotes, contracts, communications, mobile, and reporting. Enhance Your Customer's Experience Create and visualize your customer's journey without the assistance of IT! Ensure that everyone is working together and informed about what actions to take at each step along the way to improve the customer experience, from your first engagement to onboarding and beyond. Maintain Productivity While Traveling

Make it easier for your employees to be as productive on their phones and tablets as they are on their laptops and desktop computers. Sugar Mobile's highly customizable app enables your sales and marketing teams to prioritize what is most important and receive notifications when their customers' needs change.  CRM Without Compromise On-premises solution with comprehensive CRM capabilities. Maximum Command Gives you complete control over the CRM technology stack and software updates. Totally customizable Custom fields, new functional modules, and completely headless embedding in other applications are all supported.

Goodbye, Busy Work
  • Manage approvals, sales processes, call triaging, and other common business processes. SugarBPM is a simple business process management (BPM) and workflow tool that extends the capabilities of Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Enterprise. Sugar's business automation software is ideal for increasing efficiency and automating daily processes without the need for human intervention.
  • Simplify Complicated Situations
    Any customer-facing process, no matter how complex, can be optimized.
  • Best Practices should be expanded.
    Optimize processes from start to finish across entire departments and ensure best practises are followed. As a result, there will be an increase in employee efficiency and satisfaction. ‚Äč
  • Increase Efficiency
    Improve beyond simple task automation to transform your entire business. Sugar's business process management software helps you reduce repetitive tasks and the risk of human error.

The Advantages of SugarBPMTM
1. Simplify and Automate Complex Business Processes Whether you're automating common manual tasks or streamlining your entire customer experience, SugarBPM can optimise any customer-facing process. The following advantages are provided by SugarBPM's powerful yet simple automation tools:
  • SugarBPM can handle complex business rules, email templates, and process automation. monitoring and automation flows
  • SugarBPM supports enterprise-level complex processes. industry standards-based process-driven business processes architecture
  • Use automation to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Customize and Extend Best Practices
SugarBPM allows you to not only automate key processes within individual departments, but also to automate and optimise processes across entire departments end-to-end. This means you can automate and enable best practises across your entire organisation with far less effort and expense.
  • Create and customise specific business-related flows and templates for use across departments for best practises.
  • No coding experience required; use a visual designer to create and share complex flows.

3. Improve Efficiency Constantly
Don't just automate your key processes; transform your company. The simple yet powerful business rules engine, visual process designer, and modelling tools enable you to truly optimise all aspects of your customer-facing processes.
  • SugarBPM enables individual end users to receive, analyse, and respond to notifications via any standard e-mail system, wireless device, or Web browser.
  • SugarBPM enables end users and administrators to model and maintain business processes using a visual graphical tool without the need for coding.
  • It contains complex and multi-step flows in order to automate and streamline business processes.

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