CRM, in Government and Public Sector

18/09/18 09:32 AM By Nico

A government with readily accessible services for its citizens and constituents gives an impression of successful governance. Unfortunately, government offices are not usually first-adopters of the newest technology. But because of their technologically-savvy citizens' demands of more easier and faster ways to engage with their city officials, it's now a pressure for local and state offices to adopt and implement tools that will help them address requests, share information with the citizens for transparency purposes, and track conversations. That's why public government officers are turning to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to help monitor citizen interactions and manage incoming projects.

In this age of economic deflations and such, government officials need the most cost-effective solution that has all the functionalities and capabilities of a cutting-edge enterprise CRM less the high price tag.

Carrying out or implementing policies and infrastructure projects of the government and public sectors require integration of several departments where a lot of people in different functions at various levels are involved in the process of decision making. Government CRM solutions for the public sector allow agencies to execute their daily operations and communications in one place. This component takes in scattered information and improves accessibility for real-time community issues.

Managing resources efficiently is one of the most critical measures for organizations in the government sector. Cloud-based CRM solutions with reliable cloud servers can provide a cost-effective method of delivering information to the public without fearing data-theft. And since data is stored in the Cloud, an external storage device is no longer required. In addition to that, the CRM's mobile capabilities guarantee prompt deliverance of services.


Here are some of the advantages of getting a CRM for government and public sector:

Simplified Communication

Government CRM solutions simplify communication processes for both internal and external communications through a single platform that records and monitors all communications for future references.


Improved Operations

An enterprise CRM can help improve daily operations through its automated features and integrations making tedious tasks as easy as a walk in the park. With tedious tasks all taken care of, city officials can now provide better and improved quality of services to its citizens.


Rigid Security

Government data requires infallible security. Most enterprise CRM information is stored in the Cloud, and your CRM should let you access that critical and organizational information anywhere anytime without the fear of data theft.


Accurate Analytical Reporting

Keeping a close tab on the bidding processes is one of the most critical aspects for government and public sector organizations. A government CRM enables officials to assess profits and losses of various contractual bids and the CRM's detailed reporting using recorded data and trends help them decrease associated risks and plan marketing plans for future government projects.


Customizable Dashboard

Customizable dashboards allow you to plan, execute, and monitor different tasks, all from one location. This functionality improves efficiency and smooth implementations.


Devtac’s CRM solutions can improve government and local sectors policies and processes while enhancing relationships with their staff and their citizens. Our CRM solutions can help you manage crucial decisions and contacts within your system by providing a list of daily tasks and placing contact details all in one place. And with its mobile functionality, you can access your CRM anytime, anywhere.

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