09/05/18 06:10 PM By Nico

Despite being very competitive in the field of technology and innovations, the Philippines is yet to embrace Customer Relationship Management system fully. Most of the business firms are still using Excel files and post-it notes in organizing their customer data and product inventories.

A lot of startups in the Philippine business playground are not looking at integrating technology into their business as aggressively as they should be. While there may be some who are considering it, there are not enough local CRM success stories that they can look up to. This causes them to be apprehensive towards taking the CRM leap. Majority of them would still prefer the longer route to business growth.

Which comes as a surprise because when you think about it, the Philippines is one of the countries with the highest BPO population in the world, and the BPO industry is a dominant consumer of Customer Relationship Management software. The growth of the BPO industry in the Philippines should affect the demand for the software.

Publications and newsletters focusing on CRM and its benefits in the Philippine setting are also limited, which makes the CRM references available online unrelatable to the growing community. There are articles about how Customer Relationship Management played a significant role in a well-known international company, and these make local business executives think that CRM is quite an ambitious project to take on. This also gives off an impression that only the established, large-scale companies can afford such business plan. What we need is to create more content driven by Customer Relationship Management concepts in order to stimulate awareness towards it.

Another primary basis of CRM utilization and implementation is the cost. Business executives are not quick to decide on implementing the system because the price ranges from $15 per month per user up to $260 per month per user. $260 is more or less $13,260 in the Philippine peso, which is equivalent to the monthly rate of entry-level sales personnel. This investment appears unreasonable to them as implementing the system would cost them their Return on Investment, especially if they are a small-scale business. At the same time, they would have to invest time in training the entire organization.

However, the future looks bright for the market of Customer Relationship Management software. The Philippines is one of the top countries with the most talented and innovative software engineers producing globally competitive outputs. The younger generation of Filipino business administrators is becoming more open to hiring a software system that will automate their business processes.

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