Detect and Clean Duplicates from Your SuiteCRM Database

07/01/20 04:19 PM By Donna

Duplicate Cleaner allows you to set rules that find duplicate data in your SuiteCRM, helping your business eliminate duplicates manually or automatically with the add-on's cleaner process. It supports multiple duplicate detection rules that you can configure from the admin.

Highlevel Overview

We’ve all dealt with duplicate data before. Whether we upload it ourselves into SuiteCRM through a data import function or mistakenly create a second entry manually. A messy database doesn’t just make your data feel cluttered – it can also have a negative impact on your business and bottom line. Company decision-makers can change from year to year, so while it’s difficult to keep up with these SuiteCRM record changes, it's very important for data accuracy.


The good news is, the Duplicate Cleaner add-on created by Urdhva Tech, deals with duplicate records based on the rules you set up and helps clean data both ways by auto-merge or manual merge.

How it Works

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