DEVTAC Can Provide You With A CRM System for the BPO Industry

09/07/18 04:36 PM By Nico

One of the flourishing industries today is the Business Process Outsourcing or the BPO industry.  A lot of people continue to benefit from the job opportunities that a BPO provides but what they may not know is how CRM system plays a significant role in the BPO industry.


At DEVTAC, we understand the requirements of BPO and Outsourcing companies, and we designed a CRM intended specifically for the BPO industry. Our BPO CRM aims to realize cost reductions and enterprise-wide improvements.


Outsourcing is distributed to different geographical locations with varying working conditions, so it is common for factors like cultures and environment to create a barrier. Implementing a CRM System to a BPO System brings all the company’s offices together, uniting them with an organized workflow, bringing them closer and strengthening the working relationship.


There are several reasons why it would be a good idea to implement a CRM System into a BPO System. Aside from reducing costs in labor and operations, you can provide consistently excellent customer service. Here are the features and benefits of CRM solution for BPO:


Centralized Database

Clients' information is securely stored in one central database and can be readily available to those who have authorized access. A central database is a collection of information from the existing databases combined into one which can be shared among everyone in the organization giving your agents access to customer's data and history.

A centralized database can perform the following actions:

  •   View, edit and organize data in one place.  
  •  Reduces data duplication. 
  • Keeps and maintains up-to-date information.
  •  Distributes data among teammates. 
  •  Easily scrub and validate customer information. 

This gives a multi-dimensional view of customer data that will improve response time and decision-making leading to a competitive advantage.


Knowledge Base

A call center is the front line of business. They represent the company when dealing with customers. It is critical that the front liners are product experts to give the customers a good experience. For businesses to give customers fast and reliable services, the front liners need to be equipped with a CRM System that enables the agents to have quick and easy access to vital information about the company and its products and services. This will improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

During customer interaction, a Knowledge Base can be beneficial in a way that it:

  •  Reduces Hold times 
  •   Improves first-call resolution rates  
  •  Delivers precise and accurate answers 
  • Achieves key performance metrics


Versatility and Flexibility

Business organizations today are under a lot of pressure because of the changes in the business world. Your business needs to adapt to the customer’s needs and demands while keeping up with the increasing amount of competitors in the market.

A flexible CRM System can effectively support an organization in adapting to the changes in the business environment.

  •  Easy to use 
  •  User-friendly interface 
  • Configures your CRM and implements changes within minutes
  • Integrates with any workforce management software with API


Social CRM

Social CRM allows you to monitor your company’s online reputation by managing your social media accounts. Be in the loop of what your customers are saying about your brand and their experience with you. Use the information effectively by adapting your business processes to the demands to create a satisfying experience that your customer will remember and share.

A Social CRM can do all this for you and more:

  •  Builds your brand across different social media platforms 
  •  Enhances your brand recognition 
  • Allows you to take action to customer comments promptly
  • Manages digital marketing campaigns
  •  Monitors online behavior 
  •  Gives you comprehensive customer insight 


Insightful Automated Reporting

It's ideal for a business to keep an eye on all operations and campaigns to know which are successful and which are unprofitable. Regular monitoring and reporting of company operations redirect you to stay on the planned financial path, and it helps employees increase their productivity and efficiency.

The CRM solution that DEVTAC provides come with a comprehensive reporting solution to help you monitor and meet all of your call center requirements.

  • Automated reporting gives you:
  • The capacity to monitor agent's productivity
  • Records of key performance indicators
  • Clear, concise and in-depth reporting


Reasonably priced

We normally associate business scale with an unnecessarily expensive operational system. However, whether you're a large organization, medium-sized business, or a start-up, we offer a made-to-measure CRM solutions design that will fit your budget that can deliver the same quality service.

With DEVTAC CRM, you can cover all aspects of your business operations, from customer service to technical support to sales. The BPO CRM that we offer can improve overall agent performance, resulting in lower operational costs.


Case Management

Organize all escalations with the built-in Case Management module. The case management module can be personalized to comprehend all the information about the issue or complaint your customer may have. Whenever there is a new record made in the system, it automatically includes it in the list, and the file can be time-stamped to track how much time it took to close the case. The system automatically designates the case to people depending on their availability, tenure or expertise.

Case management handles cases from client's first contact until the complaint is resolved. It also achieves:

  •  Faster response time. 
  • The increase of customer satisfaction that leads to customer loyalty.
  •  A well-organized ticket system. 
  • Customer handling guidelines that can address the complaints and questions.


Advanced Contact Center Solution

So what is a call center without a telephony solution?  DEVTAC have partnered with Asterisk, the leading provider of contact center solution, to provide your company with a hassle-free dialer and the most advanced functions. Another great thing about Asterisk is it can easily be integrated with Sugar, so you can be up and running within minutes.

  •  Gives your clients a world-class customer service 
  •  Addresses tickets faster 
  • ncreases daily efficiency
  • Improves customer facing environment