10/05/18 01:14 PM By Leonyl

We are proud to say that DEVTAC is the only Zoho Partner in the Philippines. Walter Rostan Garcia, CTO, and co-founder of the company was invited to join Zoho’s second annual APAC Partner Summit last March 26 to 28, 2018.

Let’s hear what he’s got to say about his experience in India and with the Zoho Team.

Q: What were the dates and locations of Zoho's APAC Partner Summit 2018?

Walter: Zoho APAC Partner Summit was held in Chennai, India, last March 26-28, 2018.

Q: Who attended the summit?

Walter: Attendees were APAC partners in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. Hong Kong and Vietnam partners were unable to attend due to some VISA issues.

Zoho has plans to grow its partners in ASIA rapidly. They recently opened their office in Singapore which only shows how dedicated Zoho is in expanding their reach all throughout ASIA.

Q: Did you pay for registration? What does the registration fee include?

Walter: No registration fee, Zoho covered all summit expenses excluding airfares, accommodations, and personal leisure expenses.

Q: What was the agenda for the APAC Partner Summit?

Walter: Zoho’s primary focus is to make sure that all their APAC partners are across and knowledgeable about their different Zoho platforms. Their agenda was to show their partners and customers how big of a company Zoho is, their business concentration, their leadership strategies, and development plans for their APAC market in the next 5-10 years. They also discussed the benefits of each Zoho applications, and their culture as a company.

Q: How was your interaction with the Zoho team? How about the other Zoho Partners?

Walter: My experience in the summit has exceeded all of my expectations. The Zoho team were very professional, and they were such great hosts.

It was amazing how they take care of their employees. They have free food, snacks, and beverages for everyone all throughout the day. Their office culture is employee-centric, and they do not keep track of time. They focus more on the output, on the result. Zoho is a matured company with very loyal employees. It’s not a surprise why they have employees that have been with the company for over 10 to 20 years.

Their motivation is to be able to deliver value to their customers. They put a lot of efforts in research and product development. They empower their partners to market and sell their products while they continue improving their development and engineering skills to create products that will help other businesses achieve their goals.

My experience with my co-partners was truly remarkable. It’s great knowing other people who share the same vision and is equally passionate in this field. We got along very well and explored India together. We got to share about our professional aspirations and personal stuff. I learned so much from them. One of the Thai partners were into Samurai dolls. He’s a collector and a traveler. The other Thai partner was very shy but friendly none the less. One Malaysian partner was into outdoor camping and traveling, while the other Malaysian partner is a religious Muslim.

I was also able to spend some time with Raj Mohan, Zoho APAC Partner Leader. A pretty big guy. He spoke about his annual pilgrimage every December. He mentioned that he would go home to his hometown and walk barefooted to visit a temple, sleep along the trail while wearing his traditional Indian clothes. He inspired me to be more spiritual, I should say.

Q: What was the most inspiring moment of the summit?

Walter: It was so exciting to know that Zoho is driven to develop platforms that would help companies. They are not so concerned about how many licenses they can sell. They shared their vision about delivering value-added and cost-effective apps and services, and they are more focused on helping more businesses achieve their goals. To let you know, you can get Zoho One for just $30 per user per month. Other CRMs will charge you more than $40. Also, it was very inspiring to see different teams in the company work together as one to achieve their common goals.

Q: Describe your overall experience IN INDIA.

Walter: My overall experience was mind-blowing! Aside from the fact that I got to attend the Zoho Partner Summit, I was also able to establish a deeper relationship with the company and with the other partners. Knowing that I am dealing with the right people who share the same vision is incredible!

India’s culture is vibrant. It was my first time visiting the country, so I made sure to visit some of its tourist spots, beaches, and temples. We went to Mamallapuram, one of the major attractions around Chennai, the Shore Temple which is a UNESCO Heritage site, and the Chennai Zoo. Indian food was surprisingly delicious, especially for people who love spicy and savory dishes.

My stay in India was praiseworthy, and I would love to revisit the country soon. 

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