Engage with your Audience in just a Minute with Pinterest from Zoho CRM Plus

02/03/22 01:57 PM By Shayne

Pinterest, as we all know, is a prominent social networking platform where individuals go to get inspired, share their ideas with the world, or advertise their businesses. 

Arun Kumar V from the Zoho CRM Plus Team recently made an announcement about creating, managing, and publishing advertisements, promotions, Pins and the like on Pinterest using Zoho CRM Plus.

Connecting Pinterest in Zoho Social allows you to create and publish Pins from Zoho CRM Plus, as well as view detailed analytics on their performance. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do once you’ve linked your Pinterest account.

Create and publish your Pins

You can use the Pinterest integration to create Pins and publish them to your board. You can specify the appropriate title for your Pin, the source URL, and the ALT text while publishing. You can also start a new board and start adding our Pins there. Pins can also be scheduled to be published at a specific time and date, or they can be added to a queue. Finally, you can bulk schedule all of your pins.

View detailed analytics

The Reports tab provides detailed analytics for your Pinterest channel. You can see a summary of your Pins’ performance, engagement, and impressions, including Pin clicks, Pin click rate, the number of times the Pins were saved, the rate at which they were saved, engagement rate, impressions, and so on. From the Posts tab, you can also view analytics for individual Pins.

Collaborate with your team

Initiate conversations with your team and share ideas to make sure everyone is on the same page. You can also talk about the performance, engagement, and impression summary report with your team to figure out how to reach a larger audience.

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