Gather Your Customers’ Feedback: 3 Easy Steps

10/05/18 02:48 PM By Leonyl

Customer feedback is vital to every business. Encouraging your customers to share a piece of their mind with you, gives you a better understanding why your customers behave and react towards your business the way they do. Communicating with your customers, particularly when you hear out their opinions, give you opportunities to improve your business. Customers' feedback can guide your decision-making, which will help you create a stronger relationship, increase satisfaction and reduce customer turnover.

Today we’re going to talk about the three best ways you can gather feedback from your customers.

1. Monitor your social media.

It's 2018! Social media is now the ultimate channel to listen to your customers because that's where your customers are. People populate on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and that's where they talk about all their experiences--positive or otherwise.

Use tools that can help you manage your social media accounts, and at the same time set up some keywords, mentions, or hashtags that you can track. Get notified whenever your clients use your hashtags so you can get a better handle on what your customers are saying about you. And if the social media management tool you're using is capable of letting you interact with them directly, you may want to engage with them proactively to indirectly gather their feedback while providing them answers or resolution. Thank them for sharing their opinion, whether positive or not and let them know you truly value them. A negative feedback is also a great chance for you to show your professionalism by empathizing and responding respectfully.

2. Short surveys.

Your customers would not waste more than 5 minutes of their time just to answer feedback forms. Even a 1-minute survey is already considered an inconvenience. Your customers value their time as much as you do, so the longer they have to spend on answering a survey, the less happy they will be.

As a rule of thumb, you have to keep your questions simple, concise and direct to the point, and avoid using jargons or technical terms. Be specific about what data you want to gather, and as much as possible, offer a multiple-choice answer. That way, your respondents just have to click the answer that applies to them, without having to type or write their answers.

3. Give a gift or price in exchange for feedback.

When you ask your clients to answer a few questions, they always think about "what's in it for them." Make feedback-giving more appealing to your customers by giving away freebies, coupons, or gift certificates. It does not have to be a huge discount or an extravagant gift; it could be as simple as 10% off their next purchase, free samples, or free shipping.

However, you have to check the tone of your email or survey form, as your customers may think of it as a bribe to encourage a positive feedback.

If you want to grow your business the healthy way, then collecting feedback from your customers should be a field that you have to focus on. To ensure that your company continues to develop towards the direction you want, you must listen to your customers and make sure that you are giving them nothing short of value.

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