How to improve customer experience 

05/08/22 01:43 PM By Ana

Not long ago, the adage "If you build it, they will come" applied to businesses. Businesses mass-produced things regardless of what the customer actually needed, and people flocked to buy from them. Never mind "customer experience"—even "customer satisfaction" was dismissed. It was a market for producers/manufacturers. The clock took its time, but it did slowly turn backwards. Brands are now competing against one another and devising strategies to capture customers' minuscule attention spans. Why? As the customer has become king in today's consumer era, brands can no longer afford to disregard how the king feels when interacting with their product/service. Nowadays, customer experience is such a game changer in terms of building and breaking businesses.

5 ways to improve customer experience with Zoho SalesIQ

Look no further if you want to build your business and see it thrive in this consumer era. This article will go over five ways to improve customer experience using Zoho SalesIQ, an engagement intelligence platform.

Initiate conversation with chat triggers

Brands no longer have to wait for their customers to reach out and ask for what they require. See what your customers are looking for, understand their intent, and proactively initiate a conversation with them using Zoho SalesIQ's visitor tracking/live view features. How exactly does that work? Assume you own a real estate brokerage. Prospects will have a lot of questions when they visit your website, just like when they visit you in person. Every person will have specific criteria for what they want, and they will browse your website to find what will work for them. Using Zoho SalesIQ's visitor tracking features, you can identify their interaction with your website and set up automated chat triggers to initiate the first conversation with prospects. If they're looking for a 3-bedroom villa outside of the city, they may be looking for a peaceful, calm, and serene neighbourhood to get away from the city's hustle and bustle. In such cases, you could start the conversation by saying something like, "Looking for a peaceful neighbourhood to get away from the city routine?" Check out these properties." Clearly interested, they'll look through those listings. This encourages them to stay and spend more time on your website. When they spend more time on your website, you will be able to understand and meet their needs. By using chat triggers to initiate the first conversation, you can improve the customer experience.

Break the barrier with proactive customer support

Customer support is an important factor in determining customer experience, even though it is measured at multiple points of interaction with your product/service. Why? Because customers spend more time interacting with your support than with any other department. According to Khoros, 65 percent of customers have switched to a different brand as a result of a bad experience. The cost of a customer service error is losing more than half of your total customers. Can you really afford it? Is that something that any brand can afford? Improve customer experience with proactive customer support from Zoho SalesIQ. For seamless and faster resolution of your customers' queries, our live chat is equipped with features such as audio calls, screen sharing, and remote access.

If you want to provide even better service to your customers, you can integrate Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk. Why? What are their options? Your sales and marketing team works with a large number of customers. They are unable to recall and keep track of every customer's history with your company. Your clientele will expand as you do. By integrating Zoho SalesIQ and Zoho CRM, you'll be able to see the entire customer journey with your product/service at the touch of a button. You can use this information to foster personalised communication with each of them. Similarly, your vast clientele will have contacted your support team numerous times over the course of their relationship with your product/service.

By integrating Zoho Desk and Zoho SalesIQ, you can centralise all of your customers' support interactions. You can review their interaction history with your support team and use it to better serve them. Every customer appreciates it when a brand tailors its offerings to them. Integrating Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk will allow you to provide this personalised service to your customers, making them happy. You can also combine Zoho SalesIQ's bot automation features to boost your support performance.

Interact beyond business hours with bot automation

Business hours are becoming less common in modern brand operations. Customers expect brands to serve them all day, every day because of the internet's breadth and depth of reach. However, you do not need to increase your human resources to improve your customer experience. You can simply let SalesIQ's bots handle your after-hours needs with bot automation. How? Consider the real estate scenario once more. You have a support team to handle customer inquiries during the day, but you cannot afford to provide 24-hour support. If a customer visits your website after business hours and needs to clarify something, there is no one to help them. Some will begin browsing your resource library to solve their own problems. Many people would simply close the tab and look for assistance on a competitor's website. You would be losing customers through no fault of your own. What can you do about it? Using Answer Bot.

Answer Bot

According to a Harvard Business Review survey, 81 percent of all customers try to resolve issues on their own before contacting a live representative. Customers will not seek out your support agents after business hours as long as the necessary information is available. Answer Bot is an NLP-driven chatbot powered by our very own AI technology, Zia. The answer bot will recommend relevant FAQ articles, video tutorials, and other guides from your resource library based on your customers' inquiries. You can even capture their contact information and add them as a lead if you use SalesIQ's Zobot. Visitors to your travel website will contact you at all hours of the day and night. 

You may have relevant collateral for every possible customer query, but rather than wasting your customers' time searching for answers, you can enable your answer bot to assist them in getting it when your support agents are unavailable. If your visitors are planning a trip to Japan and want to know where to go, the answer bot will pull up the Top 10 Places to Visit in Tokyo article from your knowledge base. Even in the previously discussed real estate scenario, you can train your answer bot to respond to customer inquiries and keep them on your website after business hours. Enhance the customer experience by allowing your answer bot to serve information to inquiring customers on a silver platter.

Be where your customers are with multi-device and channel support

Previously, if customers wanted to contact brands, they had to do so through specific devices and platforms. Customers now have access to multiple channels and use multiple devices as a result of the introduction and rapid growth of social media platforms. Brands can no longer impose strict restrictions on the channels and devices used to reach them. For example, if you market your real estate business through multiple channels, your customers will contact you through the same platforms where they saw your posts. If someone contacts you via Instagram with a question, asking them to contact you via mail or phone would be inconvenient. 

Furthermore, if your support team is switching back and forth between multiple channels to address customer inquiries, resolutions will be delayed and the customer's overall experience with you will suffer. Zoho SalesIQ now integrates with all popular platforms, including Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram, to alleviate this multi-channel challenge for your support team as well as your customers. Improve customer experience by responding to all of your customers' questions and providing faster resolutions from a single dashboard, regardless of how they contact you.

Improve customer experience with Mobilisten, Zoho SalesIQ’s in-app chat

According to Buildfire, smartphone users spend 3 hours per day on the internet. When they do, they spend roughly 90% of their time exclusively on mobile apps. Zoho SalesIQ has a mobile SDK called Mobilisten that can be used to engage, delight, and improve the customer experience of your mobile audience. This in-app chat provides powerful live-chat support, as well as incredible features for marketing your product/service and providing excellent customer support. You can market your brand's latest updates and offers through push notifications, attracting customers even when they aren't using your app. Assume you work in the banking industry and your bank has a mobile application.

If a user of your mobile app has shown interest in car loans by reviewing the related pages and instructions, you can send them a push notification about how now is a great time to get a car loan. They'd visit your app to look at the documents if their interest was piqued. If your reasoning is sound, they will pursue the loan. You can use chat triggers on your website to initiate conversations with your mobile customers based on their interactions. Apart from these, Mobilisten has amazing features like self-service, customization, integrations, mobile-specific tracking, device logs to debug the application, and more to provide a complete customer experience.