How to SUPERCHANGE your business growth

28/04/22 09:31 AM By Shayne

From planning to implementation to attracting market prospects, starting a business can be difficult. You may be considering new strategies or techniques to increase the effectiveness of your company. A company that will compete not only locally, but also globally in the business world, DEVTAC IS HERE TO ASSIST YOU IN MAKING IT HAPPEN!

Devtac is one of the most promising solution providers, offering cutting-edge business solutions to a diverse range of companies across multiple industries. We are a business strategy, not just a technological solution.

Here are some of the services we provide to help you with your business's growth.

            1. We are the only Zoho Premium Partner, a certified Sugar Partner and a leading provider of SuiteCRM.

    • With Zoho, you can interact with clients and prospects, gain a deeper   understanding of your business, predict customer actions, and establish a scalable sales department.
    • SugarCRM provides a completely redesigned, personalized user experience that is immersive, engaging, and simple to use. Sugar combines the plain simplicity, mobility, and social characteristics of a consumer app with traditional CRM's business process efficiency.
    • SuiteCRM offers a wide variety of benefits and features, making it one of the most effective CRM in the market. The software is completely customizable and adaptable to the changing business needs, available across platforms allowing you to install the system in your private cloud, on-premise, or on mobile device, with $0 license fee. No vendor lock-in and no hidden charges.

 2. Deployment Automation‚Äč

    • DEVTAC is dedicated to delivering software breakthroughs more quickly and safely. The desire to deploy across numerous environments and infrastructures, as well as the increasing complexity of applications and frequent application updates, puts antiquated methods and tools under strain. These manual and semi-automated application employment processes are wasteful, error-prone, and difficult to track.

3. eCommerce

    • Devtac creates leading e - commerce CRM solutions that provide as much customer information as possible, including interests, shopping habits, and shipping preferences. Our eCommerce solutions will assist your business in gaining a better understanding of its customers, allowing you to develop practical marketing strategies that will increase sales!

4. Industry Solutions

    • We have an installed base in various industries such as Finance & Insurance, Real Estate, Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, and Consumer Goods.

          5. Data Migration

    • Our well-established methodology and best practices will ensure that only the information required is loaded. Duplicates and incorrect data are removed. DEVTAC will handle the data transfer from one location to another.


         6. Integration

    • DEVTAC can help you find the best CRM for your company based on your needs, advise you on how and what integrations will work, and work with you to get your streamlined customer interaction up and running as soon as possible!

         7. Mobile development

    • DEVTAC is one of the first companies to employ an Ionic Development Model of this type actively. With Ionic, we can easily create, build, deploy, test, and monitor apps. Ionic powers millions of apps at some of the world's most innovative businesses. This software development kit is used by DEVTAC to create mobile applications that meet the needs of business processes. Users of the SugarCE and SuiteCRM mobile applications, for example, have access to the Devtac Mobile CRM app.

          8. Project management

    • Devtac is a group of highly experienced and specialized experts who will collaborate with you to plan and manage projects from beginning to end. We use an agile project management approach to deliver high-priority, high-quality work. Devtac is well positioned to meet and exceed your expectations due to our commitment to delivering a completely transformed, individualized CRM user experience.

          9. Selenium Specialist

    • DEVTAC uses Selenium to perform penetration tests. As a result, regardless of language, technology, or platform, our Selenium testers can perform penetration testing on any type of web application.

          10. IT Augmentation

    • If you own a business and want to avoid the hassle of making insignificant decisions and start bringing in more customers, DEVTAC has a team of web development experts who can modify existing websites or build new ones from scratch. DEVTAC can also provide you with the functional and responsive mobile website that you require for success.
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