Incident Management Straight Out of Chat: Integration with PagerDuty

29/01/20 03:03 PM By Donna


If you are in IT, this is not something you want to hear. Incidents where servers crash and data gets erased are a nightmare and handling them is critical. Because data is at stake, handling them on time is crucial.


According to a survey conducted by Quocirca, 70% of respondents said that a critical IT incident has led to serious reputation damage to their organization. This high potential for damage is why timely response is crucial.


PagerDuty helps you with all your IT Service Management (ITSM) needs by practically automating the whole process. What does that mean, you wonder? Gone are the times when you had to wait for someone to report an incident and wait for the person in charge to take over and fix the issue—a process that may easily take from 1 to 12 hours depending on how fast they respond. With PagerDuty, you can be assured that you are informed the moment your customer encounters a problem. 


Now, what if there was a way to bring the incident alert directly to your team? What if there was a way to somehow bring PagerDuty’s alerts to your support team channel so that everybody’s in the loop and anybody viewing the channel can take a call on the issue? Zoho Cliq’s integration with PagerDuty is the solution.



Communication is key


Communication is important in any business. Good communication is especially important when your users’ data and your organization’s reputation is at stake. When it comes to issues or incidents, quick response is the best kind of response, and being integrated with PagerDuty can ensure you’re always on the top of your game and the issue is taken care of as soon as possible. 


Tackle issues together as a team

This ensures that all of PagerDuty’s alerts get notified in the respective channel so that everyone on the incident team can know exactly what is going on and work together to resolve the issue. Moreover, teams can now get all the details related to a particular incident as well as view past incidents.


Incident Management simplified with:

PagerDuty Bot

Like all trusty virtual assistants, the Pagerduty bot is perfect and handy when it comes to all things incident-related. Get instructions on how to set up the integration and help with mapping your channels. With the help of this bot, you can also be assured that any new incidents will be posted in your team channel so that you don’t have to worry about switching between apps anymore.

Slash Command

With the slash command /view incident, you can now view the list of incidents that have been logged in the past.

Turn messages into incident reports

Now turn your discussions about any issue into an incident that you can assign to people with the message action Create an Incident.


Integrate team communication with incident management to handle incidents efficiently and quickly, and keep your teams in the loop. Jump over to the Marketplace to download the extension and give it a go.

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