Is the Number of your Facebook Likes Enough for your Business?

02/07/18 05:17 PM By Nico

Circa 2008, the number one social networking site decided to level up from being just a regular networking site into a business interaction platform. Facebook came up with the best way for businesses to promote their products online aside from the traditional website and ad pages. And that was the beginning of an unspoken Facebook brand popularity contest where getting more "likes and followers" became the number one goal of the social media marketing campaigns.


But is your social media following really the most important? Is the amount of Facebook likes truly going to produce viral engagement?

So we're going to look at some of the published studies to find out if Facebook likes would really live up to its reputation.


But before that, let us first understand the "Science" behind the like button.


When organizations packed up from their website and moved their business to Facebook, Facebook then began secretly gathering all the activities of every platform user. For example, you log in to Facebook and start browsing the newsfeed. When you came across the business pages of some retail shops and you "liked" their pages, Facebook then creates a pattern of behavior based on your likes. After accumulating your data, they will give you suggestions to similar pages that you might also be interested in.


From this pattern, we can see, therefore, that having hundreds or thousands of Facebook likes isn't that much of a big deal. In reality, users who click the like button on your page will not likely engage with you. In fact, based on the study conducted by SocialSamosa, only about 1% of Facebook users who like a business page will visit the brand page. With this conversion rate, you can never bank on your Facebook likes because it does not always mean more engagement.


Some of you might have noticed that when you post a new content there's hardly ever an engagement. You don't get the reaction you were hoping to get, but your audience is there, lurking. They see what you're putting out but they don't "like" or comment. That's why it is more important to pay attention to the organic engagement or to those who are "talking about" your brand.


One of the best ways to measure the success of your content marketing is through the revenue. Before you post a content either through social media or email, consider the ROI that you will get from it. Turn your attention away from the misleading false metrics and shift your focus towards messages, responses, mentions, and people who contact you directly.


We sometimes confuse quantity with quality but we must remain alert and aware that the true value of having your own Facebook page is not the number or size but the value acquired from the engagement with your audience.



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