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08/06/22 12:23 PM By Ana

Create a clear picture of your customers by understanding their past, present, and future. Create extraordinary customer relationships with the market's most intelligent sales automation solution and: Even with limited or incomplete CRM data, deliver accurate, AI-powered predictions about your customers and business. With flexible platform customization, workflow, and integration capabilities, you can tailor your CRM to your business. With a complete historical record and the sales analytics tools to make sense of it, you can gain insight into how your customers got to their current state. Sugar Sell's renewal console, which includes built-in support for subscription-based sales, ensures that you never miss out on a renewal opportunity.

Sugar Sell is a top-tier sales CRM application designed to work for any organization.
Consider this: You gather all of your clients' information in one place and influence the database for consistent deal forms through robotization, smooth coordination, and powerful announcing. Sugar Sell clients can increase revenue, increase productivity, lower transaction costs, and provide unparalleled customer purchasing experiences. With only a name and email, you can naturally assemble and dissect noteworthy bits of knowledge from a wide range of social and business information sources. At that point, get significant updates on key records with ongoing pop-up messages and cautions. Define each individual client venture, from the first time someone receives notification from deals to the day you begin sending fulfilment studies. It's the simplest, quickest way to help employees stay on top of their game — and ensure each deal rep is prepared to convey the right message to the right person at the right time.

Automate and hasten
    • Sugar Sell, a platform that automatically captures data and presents it in context to everyone who needs it, saves sales teams from having to manually enter endless details. Sales representatives can spend more time selling by focusing on the most promising prospects and customers. Smart guides and playbooks shorten sales cycles and reduce time to close while increasing conversion rates.

Increase Your Productivity in Less Time
    • Provide proactive alerts, root cause analysis, and other services to sales teams via a platform that continuously monitors metrics and KPIs. Make more data-driven decisions by leveraging analytics that show you what works, what doesn't, and how to replicate your successes. Get a more accurate picture of your customers by using a platform that augments your existing data with critical information sourced from outside sources.

Relevant Data at Your Fingertips
    • Paint a clear picture of customers with personalized dashboards that improve tracking of key activities, tasks, and goals. Drill into reports to gain a complete view of any segment of the business, getting powerful insights with just a few clicks. And never lose a renewal opportunity with Sugar Sell’s renewal console providing built-in support for subscription-based sales.

Relevant Information at Your Fingertips
    • Personalized dashboards that improve tracking of key activities, tasks, and goals help you get a clear picture of your customers. Drill into reports to gain a comprehensive view of any business segment, gaining powerful insights with just a few clicks. And, with Sugar Sell's built-in support for subscription-based sales, you'll never miss a renewal opportunity.

Capabilities Available to You
    • Sell provides a comprehensive sales automation solution that is delivered on SugarCloud and includes the following features:

Account, Opportunity, and Lead
    • Activity and Contact Management Provide complete context for each customer interaction and insight into what to do next for everyone in the organization.

Pipeline Administration
    • Get a clear picture of your entire pipeline, including all opportunities and how close they are to becoming new customers.

Prioritization of Intelligent Leads
    • Leads should be prioritized based on AI-powered predictive lead conversion scores. Extend previous successes by utilizing insights gained from matching lead profiles to similar accounts.

    • Allow your road warriors to carry the power of Sell in their pockets. Offline capabilities and customizable layouts are available for iOS and Android. Sellers can use automation to create opportunities and quotes, generate documents, and interact with customers.

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