09/05/18 11:20 AM By Nico

Betsy Sanders, an author of the best-selling book entitled Fabled Service: Ordinary Acts, Extraordinary Outcomes, said that "Service, in short, is not what you do, but who you are. It is a way of living that you need to bring to everything you do, if you are to bring it to your customer interactions."

In her book, Sanders talked about how she overcame the challenges of leading Nordstrom's move to Southern California by delivering exceptional customer service. She shared her techniques and ideas on how to create a remarkable client experience that will set your business apart from your competitors.

If you scour the market for the same product you are offering, there will be hundreds more of vendors offering the exact same thing for the exact same price. You have to acknowledge the fact that your competitors are just one click, phone call, or street away from yours. Your customer service will be your advantage over your competition.

But how can you make sure you deliver the above-and-beyond-standard quality service to your client?

Follow these golden rules:

" T R E A T   O T H E R S   A S   H O W   Y O U   W A N T   T O   B E   T R E A T E D . "

Be more sensitive towards your clients. Always put yourself in your their position. Consider the situation they're in. Listen to their story. By doing so, you can give them a genuine and heartfelt service and your clients will admire you more for recognizing their opinions and suggestions.


Make sure that when you advertise the specs of your product, it is accurate and there are no hidden charges. Your clients will appreciate your transparency about your products and services.


Like most strong foundation of a lasting relationship, you have to nurture your relationship with your clients by constantly engaging with them. We're lucky to be living in the rise of the digital era, that communication has varying new channels. You can now interact with your clients directly through social media, which makes connecting and building a relationship a lot easier.


Go, hunt some fish. The reference to the wild outdoors is somewhat relevant to the business world. Like fishing, you have to throw a string and bait or a net into the water to get a good catch. In the business aspect, you have to get your clients' interest and attention by giving them something that appeals to them--an on-trend product, latest product models, sleek designs, reasonable price, etc..

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