Smart Scheduling with Zoho Bookings

16/07/20 10:47 AM By Monica

As we begin to rely more on the internet and things online to ride out the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are now adopting to the post-COVID culture. They are already using online services and platforms to buy food, clothes, and other items. People can now go online to pay our bills and access other financial services. For students, the pandemic has opened the door to online education. Professional services set appointments online as well. If you haven't adapted to this kind of New Normal, Zoho bookings is perfect for your business.


Zoho Bookings is the best solution to set up your business for all your scheduling it saves time for both you and your customers. Zoho bookings allows users to be free from email and paper-based scheduling. It also gives a common calendar by syncing multiple calendars, including yours and your staff.


As soon as you set up your business on Bookings, you will get a customizable bookings page that you can embed on your website. Every service gets a separate page too, so you can easily organize your services. Furthermore, clients can pay when they book, so they don’t have to deal with pending fees.


The best thing about Zoho bookings, is it blocks your schedule accordingly to make sure you're never double booked and stay updated about new, upcoming, and canceled appointments.


Zoho Bookings offers appointment scheduling to the following industry:


Professional Services


Personal Care

Home Service


Fitness and

Real estate


Stop relying on post-its and notebooks—go online instead. Automate your scheduling and notification processes and say goodbye to no-shows. If you’re a busy micro enterprise in the service industry, Zoho bookings will help you stay on top of your schedules.


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