SMS Integration with SugarCRM

23/05/22 03:14 PM By Ana

Because text messaging is still one of the most popular ways to connect, the SMS integration was created to facilitate SMS communication.

If a customer service agent needs to contact the client for a call back request, product promotion, or information distribution, the agent can send a text message directly to the client's contact number on file.

In SugarCRM software, client information is tabulated into different modules for organizational purposes. The SMS is currently applicable to the Contact, Leads, and Accounts modules, but it can be customized to be applicable to other modules. The list of clients' names is hyperlinked in each module. By clicking on one of the names in the hyperlink, the screen is redirected to the page that contains information about that specific client. 

If the client included a phone number in his profile, an SMS button would appear next to it. By selecting the SMS command, a pop-up window with the SMS box will appear, allowing you to compose your message. The System Default is a rule set by the administrator as the simplest and most cost-effective method of SMS delivery. For instance, if the client's phone number begins with +1 and is assigned to Twilio, the system will send the SMS via Twilio. If the number begins with +639 and is assigned to Globe Labs, the SMS will be delivered by Globe Labs.

Once the SMS content has been determined, the agent can press the Send button, and the SMS will be delivered to the client within five minutes. After the SMS is sent, the client's record will be updated, and the action performed on the account will be logged. The SMS Status will appear on the subpanel at the bottom of the screen, indicating whether the message was delivered successfully, failed, or pending. 

This SugarCRM integration allows you to send SMS to any mobile number with a single click on the SMS icon from any module. You can send automated SMS to your clients based on defined actions, known as workflow, and send bulk SMS from a module's list view, such as Account, Contact, or Lead, and receive a response as an Inbound SMS.

Key Features of SMS Integration:

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