Strategies to Create a Fun yet Productive Work Culture

24/09/18 01:09 PM By Nico

We all want to work somewhere fun. I know I do. But sadly, not many workers find themselves in a work environment that they think is fun. Nobody wants to work in a dull workplace where everyone is only at their desk for the entire day, without a chance of human interaction or any form of enjoyment.


One of the primary reasons is because of most business executives' misinterpretation that having fun means slacking off. Some owners and managers assume that imposing a strict policy and restricting any non-income-generating activity. We all know that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve our business objectives and we must not mix personal and emotional aspects. And if you have a business to run, of course, you wouldn't want your employees to be lax, right? Wrong.


There is a way to accomplish all your to-do list for the day and even exceed that, without sacrificing the fun activities. What we should aim for is for our team to be as productive as possible without pressuring them or pushing them too far. There are several ways you can increase your team's productivity while keeping a fun office atmosphere.


1. Gamify your team objectives.

Friendly competition is a fun way to yield best results. Use that spirit of the game to your advantage, as an opportunity to recognize the hard work that your team does. You can split your Sales team into groups and have them compete for the team with the most closed won deals. Or your Marketing team to see who can generate more leads. The team with most sales or most leads generated will get an incentive. This will motivate them to work twice as smart or as hard to achieve their goals.

You may also organize sports tournaments, karaoke or dance battles, online game contests, or even Uno competitions. Activities like this is a good way for our employees to blow off steam and it can be a positive distraction from the pile of paperwork on their desks.


2. Host regular socialization.

Have fun with your whole team by going for regular get-togethers outside of the office. The best way to encourage better team collaboration and generally improve your employees' relationship with one another is through casual gatherings.

The goal of this is not to make your employees all super close with each other, but for them to see each other at a personal level, enough for them to know each other's personalities and respect each other for it.


Friendships in the workplace can also help develop a culture of compassion and consideration, and according to Tom Rath, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Vital Friends, said that employees with a "best friend" at work are more engaged and motivated for up to 7 times than those who don't.


3. Encourage hobbies at work.

Allow your employees to dream and grow into their full potential - both in and out of the office. It's a great way to relieve stress, and it offers your team with common interests establish a deeper bond. Give them an outlet to express their creativity and passion. Support their vision; you'll never know who's new idea will spark up an inspiration.


4. Take a break!

We have unintentionally developed a concept that working more and working for more extended hours without breaks, make us more productive. We think that the more time we allot for a project will help us accomplish more. But that's not necessarily the case.

Utilizing the 15-minute breaks in between the workday will lead to fresher mind, better focus, and a more recharged body. Encourage your employees to take breaks, of course within the timeframe, to help them take their minds off their work for a few minutes.


5. Focus on the results instead of the timeline.

Instead of following a strict timetable, give your employees more freedom to work on their tasks as what works for them. This will motivate them to take initiatives and will provide them with a sense of control over their tasks. When they have flexibility, they can prioritize their work and get things done while keeping a great work-life balance.


You need people in your company who are just as driven and bold when it comes to realizing your objectives. That's why you have to make sure that your employees stay on top of their games, which can be easily managed if you aspire for a culture of fun and positive behaviors.



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