Sugar Market is Now Available in Different Languages

19/08/22 05:14 PM By Shayne

The Importance of Internationalization

Due to the rapid advancement of technologies, there has been an intense movement of internationalization. Adapting to different cultures or languages enables your company to produce top-notch digital products that fulfill the cultural preferences, technical requirements as well as consumer behaviors of regional markets. In doing so, you can successfully meet local requirements and witness an increase in sales.

Availability of Sugar Market in Different Languages

SugarCRM has been through an interesting journey. Having an encouraging history, the product managers claim that it still has things to work on. Although, the current state of Sugar remains to be impressive. It actually scaled up from the last six months.

But last quarter, the biggest thing the developers have worked on for Sugar Market was internationalization. 

SugarCRM has received requests from its partners and customers to use Sugar Market in their own language. With the Q3 2022 release, large portions of the Sugar Market user interface will now be translated or localized for seven new languages—also available for Sugar Sell & Sugar Serve—allowing users across the platform to access essential information in their local language.

Sugar Market will provide a localized user interface in a total of 8 languages:

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • Chinese (Traditional)

  • English (UK)

  • English (US)

  • German

  • French

  • Spanish

Users can also personalize their experience by setting not only their language, but also the date/time format, and currency preferences. Thus, making it easier to quickly manage data and content within Sugar Market. 

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