09/05/18 01:05 PM By Nico

Within the community that SugarCRM had built over the years, they created a culture that is customer-centric. They are well aware of the vital role that a customer plays in the success of a business. They take their customers with high regard as they know that their lifeline is a thin rope being held up by the loyalty of their customers. Sugar promotes this best practice to their partners and business associations, encouraging them to have the same vision towards customer service.

The principal business objective of Sugar is to support businesses in delivering exceptional customer services, so they came up with excellent ideas on how they can improve it even more. And they continue to push themselves relentlessly to surpass the newest software they developed.

Contact Center Software is one of the strengths of Sugar. They developed a hybrid form of CRM that can accomplish tasks for both clients and teammates. Sugar took into consideration not only the prompt services that the clients want, but also the hassle-free software usage for the customer support team.

Self-Service Portal for Customers

Sugar values the essence of time, that's why they came up with a solution to make it more time-effective for clients to get the resolution they need. This portal gives clients the power to update the information on their account, create cases for some of the issues they're having, and browse through the FAQs and knowledge base for quicker resolution. With the self-service portal, clients can save the time they're going to spend on waiting in the phone line, and spend it on more important matters.

Knowledge Base Management

The Knowledge Base is a contact center agent's "bible" and encyclopedia, all rolled into one. It contains numbers of modules of guidelines, processes, company policies, and even sample spiels, that equips a teammate in following an excellent, consistent, and standardized customer service.

The Sugar contact center software has a customizable Knowledge Base where you and your team can create and share new modules. You can also update an existing knowledge base module, as well as manage, link, categorize, edit, and delete the content.

With the addition of the self-service portal, your customers can access the Knowlege Base anywhere and anytime, giving them immediate resolution.

Case Collaboration and Bug Management

A case gives you insight into all the requests, responses, and exchanges between your customer and your company. With Sugar, you can have a master list of all the cases created within an account. At the same time, you can provide your entire team with easy access to the case information so that they can be prepared to assist the customer better. You can also measure Case metrics based on customer satisfaction rates, response time, and team performance.

More importantly, Sugar has made it easier to route the existing cases, and even callers in general, to the right department and customer support agents. It can also prioritize, and distribute tasks within the team, depending on the support agent's tenure and availability. This collaborative teamwork increases customer satisfaction. Sugar also has an Inbound Email functionality that routes emails directly to the correct department who can handle and respond to the emails.

Sugar's Bug module can track and manage internal issues, and also the problems reported by your customers. This gives you a birds-eye view of the recurring problems, may it either be product-related or technical, and the efforts done to resolve them.

Metrics and Dashboards

You can access valuable information such as Sales Performance, Customer Satisfaction rate, Marketing Analytics, Case Reports, Sales Trends, etc., as it happens real-time. The Sugar Dashboard automatically consolidates information from all the departments so that you can use all these readily available data to improve and drive your business.

Sugar designed this contact center software to minimize the complexity of the service process, so that we can give our best customer service to our clients. But Sugar will continue to come up with inventive and intelligent ways to enhance our customer service capacity.

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