The Skills You Should Look for Before Hiring Customer Service Agents

05/06/18 09:23 AM By Leonyl

It’s time for you to gather your dream team, and since you want your customers' experience to be nothing short of excellent, you want the best and the brightest for the job. To help you choose the Rockstar candidate that will take your business to the next level, it is crucial that you understand the universal soft skills that you need to look for in a customer service agent on your next hiring process.


We all know that hiring an excellent customer service representative is just as important as having all the right tools and a top-notch business strategy. Your potential candidates can be chosen based on different criteria like personality, educational background, previous work experiences, etc., but regardless of the prerequisites, it is also helpful to know what makes a successful customer service agent. Here are some of the top qualities you should include on your list:


1. Attentive Listener

The ability to really listen to customers very important in providing a great service. Customers want to feel valued and that their issue matters, no matter how complex or simple it is. The ideal customer service agent is someone knows how to use good listening skills to make the customer feel heard and important.  Customers talk a lot that they even overshare. There are a lot of secondary details that they share, and the agent needs to be very attentive to get started on the right track towards resolution.


2. Ability to use positive positioning

Customers form opinions about your company based on the language that you use during your interaction with them. The ability to make subtle changes in the language that your agents use can truly go a long way in creating an excellent customer experience. Negative words used by the customer service agents can give off bad energy, and result in an overall upsetting interaction. Sometimes, positive scripting can change how your customer hears your response, even when you mean to get the same message across. The ideal agent focuses on how or when the customer will get their resolution rather than focusing on "You can't."


3. Effective Communication Skills

A customer support acts as stewards for the whole company, that's why they should have top-notch communication skills. They need to be able to communicate effectively; however, effective communication is not only about being fluent in speaking a particular language, but it also involves being able to convey a solution quickly and effectively, and get your message across in an understandable man. Agents must also be able to communicate through the different channels that your company is supporting.


4. Multi-tasking ability

Being able to do two tasks at a time is a skill that everybody says impossible to master, but successful sales and customer service agents have proven them wrong. Quality agents should be fast and efficient, and as much as possible, they should work without sacrificing the quality of their work. Multi-tasking is also setting clear goals, prioritizing, organizing, and avoiding procrastination.


5. Empathy

The ability to understand and share the feelings of another is perhaps more of a character trait than a skill, but it is one of those traits that can be improved on. Ultimately, customer service is about helping others and improving the lives of your customers, if only a little bit. The perfect customer service agent is someone who can put himself in his customer's situation and approach it in a way that would get him the resolution he would want for himself. He should be able to make a genuine connection, and be willing to provide much-needed help and assistance.



The ideal customer service agent can be challenging to find, but you have to invest in the hiring process to really get the diamond in the rough. However, most of these skills can be taught and fostered over time. With the right mentoring, you can also train your current teammates to make sure that your customers are getting a uniformed experience.